Articles by Jim Freund 

Is Yarner a Yawner?

Yarner, the latest viral threat to span the ether, is rated by some as a low threat, and others as truly serious. In any case, it pays to be vigilant. In this article, we tell you what the dangers are, what to look for, and how to manually eradicate the virus.

What To Do About SNMP Vulnerabilities

Given the information that there have been security vulnerabilities in SNMP has gone out to miscreants as well as the rest of the world, it is paramount that network managers secure their borders as soon as possible. Learn what steps you should take in this article.

Microsoft's Telnet Server Vulnerable to Denial-of-Service Attack

A buffer-overflow vulnerability has been determined to exist within Win2K's Telnet service, and Interix 2.2's Telnet daemon. In this article, find out whether your network is at risk, and where to get the patches.

Review: PestPatrol 3.0

Anti-virus programs largely protect you from viruses, but what about other forms of malicious code? This software package works to analyze and disinfect your network to assure that you're free from already active Trojans, backdoors, and hacker tools.

Net Tip: Using pathping

The pathping command is a relatively obscure, yet simple and powerful tool for tracing network problems; one-upping its antecedants ping and tracert. Learn how to use it within this article.

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