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Market Update: WorkSpace Communications Launches

Companies in the news this week include Intermedia, Avistar, SCH Distribution, Outsourcery, Patton, Reality Telecom Limited, Polycom, Nortel, Formicary and RADVISION.

The Fun Challenges of Video

It is obvious that adding sight to voice and data is an important part of an organization's overall communications scheme. The significant issue to decide is whether video should be a core element of the UC infrastructure, or a less tightly integrated add-on. Luckily, companies can test the waters and find out what is right for them.

UC is a Key Element in the Coming Mobile Workforce Explosion

IDC says that there will be drastic growth worldwide in mobile workers, and that UC will be one of the key drivers. By 2013, the firm says, there will be almost 1.2 billion mobile workers wandering around the planet. The bottom line is pretty clear: UC and mobility are gradually merging.

Market Update: Skype, Verizon Wireless Make a Deal

In the news this week are CSC, Avaya, WorkSpace, Mitel, VMware, Telepo, TeliaSonera, D2, Polycom, Nortel, Edgewater Networks, HelloSoft and BroadSoft.

In-Stat: Two Powerful Trends Pushing Unified Communications

In-Stat released good news for unified communications proponents this week. SIP trunking will connect islands of UC, and mobility will add an important dimension, says senior analyst Dave Lemelin.

Bottom Lines on Communications Tech from Around the Net

Commentary from PC World, IT-Director, No Jitter and IP-Carrier asks some pointed questions about UC. The thread is that UC hasn't been a champ in the marketplace and, while there still is a lot of hope, there also is a new wildcard: Google.

Market Update: MVD and AVST Partner

Companies in the news during the week of Feb. 8 include AVST, MVD, RADVISION, Polycom, Microsoft, Voxeo, Telenet, FaceTime, Blue Coat, Broadcore, ABS Telecom, Digium, Asterisk, ShoreTel, Cal Net Technology, Acme Packet and SYNNEX.

Google Works Through Its Punch List

Google is set to release Google Voice for business, expand Google Wave, and release 200 or so Google Apps. The goal is a communications mesh for business that provides UCC as a function of its ubiquitous Web-based platform. It's confusing, audacious -- and takes direct aim at incumbent UC vendors.

The Fuzzy Future – and Present – of Unified Communications

Communications-enabled Business Processes (CEBP) are the future of unified communications. That isn't surprising, since CEBP is, in a sense, UC's past and present as well.

Podcast: UC Requires a Proactive Approach to Service Management

UC services and applications are ahead of service provider and enterprise efforts to adequately monitor them. This must be addressed, says Mark Hemmert, the Vice President of Sales and Operations for Psytechnics. (Podcast length: 20:07)

Market Update: Reports Say Video Conferencing, UC Are on the Rise

Newsmakers this week include Cisco Systems, Sprint, BT, Siemens Enterprise Communications, Sprint Mobile Integration, Global IP Solutions, Tango Networks, Network Equipment Technologies, Evangelyze, Microsoft, Agito Networks, Dell'Oro Group, 8x8, VBrick, Tandberg, and PepsiCo.

Is SIP Trunking Ready for Prime Time?

Efficiently connecting businesses that use VoIP and other IP-based services and applications to each other and to the Internet is vital. A study by Strategic Networks Group President Lisa Pierce says that SIP trunking is promising — but still is experiencing its share of growing pains.

Podcast: Sonian's Arnette on Unified Communications and the Cloud

Sonian Founder and CTO Greg Arnette tells site editor Carl Weinschenk that many of cloud computing's concerns and advantages are the same for unified communications as they are for traditional siloed services. The good news is that UC, despite the tight linkages between services and applications, doesn't increase the complexity of cloud initiatives (Podcast length: 17:14).

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