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Cisco Secure IDS Sensor Deployment

We are pleased to present Chapter 5 (in 4 parts) of Cisco Press' Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System, dealing with IDS Sensor Deployment. Even if you are not using Cisco's technology for intrusion detection, the information contained within will be valuable to you as you ensure you have all the bases covered to assure security for your network. This first segment looks at all you need to know in preparing your deployment, including entry points into your network, critical network components, and security components.

Frame Relay -- Summary

We conclude our serialization from Cisco Press' Network Consultant Handbook with a summary of all we have covered in Frame Relay. This is an invaluable reference you'll want to return to.

Frame Relay Traffic Policing and Shaping

Policing and shaping are two types of traffic regulation used in frame relay. In this penultimate segment from Cisco Press' Network Consultants Handbook, you'll learn about the rate-limiting and the other methods used to ensure proper traffic flow.

Frame Relay Traffic Shaping

Traffic shaping supports the controlling of the traffic going out of an interface. In this installment from the Network Consultants Handbook we take an in-depth look at all you need to know to control access to available bandwidth, complete with tables and illustrations.

Frame Relay Applications: Voice over Frame Relay

The fourth frame relay application we are covering in our series from the Network Consultants Handbook is VoFr -- certain to be a major consideration in your future, if not present. This in-depth study explains all the technical data you need for reference in using this budding implementation, complete with tables and illustrations.

Frame Relay Applications: Novell IPX & IBM SNA

Traditionally, four networking suites are deployed using Frame Relay as the Layer 2 transport mechanism. This time out, we provide in-depth coverage of the Novell IPX and IBM SNA suites.

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