Articles by Jacqueline Emigh 

Remote Net Management Works for NatSource

When energy trader NatSource found HP's OpenView falling down on the job, its staff followed a growing trend and turned to remote net management.

Building From Scratch: RadioShack Gets Ready For DirXML

Using DirXML to tie Netware Directory Services and PeopleSoft8 together, RadioShack takes a relatively uncharted road to human resources management over the network.

Any Solution In a Storm? Novell's Sketchy Survival Strategy

Analysts, users, and Novell are at loggerheads over the company's 'solutions' strategy and product cuts aimed at its Netware line.

The Powerful, Peerable Squid Caching Proxy: A Flexible Performer

If conserving bandwidth or increasing the responsiveness of popular web sites are big concerns, consider the Squid caching proxy: a flexible, powerful network object caching package that may be difficult to configure but provides a welcome remedy for network congestion. Jacqueline Emigh takes a look and talks to a pair of ISP's using powerful, peerable Squid.

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