Articles by Jacqueline Emigh 

Server Consolidation: Fewer Headaches for Net Admins?

When it comes to which platform (or platforms) to use for server consolidation, opinions vary widely, and some 'consolidated' shops still use more than one operating system.

VPNs Grapple With Administrator Concerns

As the VPN market expands, net administrators find themselves confronted with levels of complexity they hadn't anticipated as solutions providers diversify offerings and appliances vie with outsourced management.

PKI Group Turns To Teaching Technology

Is PKI too difficult to implement and too complex to grasp? Some analysts say so as the PKI Forum works to increase user education while stressing its applicability to government, business, and health industries.

So Far Away and Yet So Close: High Availability Meets Remote Management

How about a world where 'bluescreened' servers can be recovered over the network? Intel-based high availability systems got some attention at Microsoft's WinHEC.

Back to the Drawing Boards With Wireless Nets

As wireless networks spread, network admins have to go back to the drawing board and rethink security, end-user education, and policy issues.

New Tools Turn the Tables on Wayward Remote Users

Companies are rolling out tools that connect remote workers to coporate networks safely, even when the road warriors would rather live dangerously.

New Security Benchmarks Go 'Down in the Weeds' for Policy Enforcement

The Center for Internet Security hopes to ease enterprise policy compliance with a new suite of security benchmarks that bring cut-and-paste simplicity to network device configuration.

News: Net Storage Management Platform: A Simpler Life for Admins and Developers?

In the traditionally highly fragmented storage market, more than 300 companies have banded together to provide a middleware architecture aimed at tying together disparate network storage solutions.

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