Articles by Jacqueline Emigh 

Wireless WANs - Miles To Go for Manageability?

Are 802.11 wireless LANs 'descending into a valley of disappointment' or just working the bugs out? Experts disagreed at PC Expo/TechXNY.

P2P: Life Beyond Hype and Annoyance

P2P may have started public life as a bandwidth-hogging annoyance for network admins everywhere, but it's growing clear the second generation of P2P frameworks will satisfy your need for security, manageability, and scalability.

Security Policies - Not Yet As Common As You'd Think

Some studies show nearly half of surveyed IT executives have no formal security policy in place. Why are many in the industry running in place when it comes to security?

Information Sharing - Reactions Are Mixed to Government Overtures

While the Federal government pushes companies to share information on security practices and incidents, some in the private sector are unsure of the benefits and nervous about disclosure requirements.

The Crowded SLA Market: Getting Your Money's Worth

As the Service Level Agreements market grows, it's getting hard to determine which vendor has the most to offer. Here's a look at some features to consider before catching this wave.

IPv6: Migration Issues Loom for Network Administrators

In the second part of our series on IPv6, we look at where operating system and hardware vendors stand in the migration process and some strategies you can adopt to make the transition easier.

PKI: Who Do You Trust?

PKI makes end-to-end security an easier proposition, but mismanagement can create liabilities that leave managers wondering about the integrity of its 'web of trust.'

IPv6: What You Need to Know

IPv6 is coming, and more's going to change than the total number of available IP addresses. First in our series on what you need to know about IP's newest incarnation.

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