Articles by Jacqueline Emigh 

As Microsoft Moves Management Forward, How Will Partners Fare?

As Microsoft gets better than anyone else at managing Windows, there's a chance it will make a play for the multiplatform space as well. Will long-standing partnerships withstand the strain?

MOM Revisited: "Extensible Platform" or Bloatware?

While one person's 'extensibility' is another's 'bloat,' Microsoft and partners are taking steps to pare down the complexity behind MOM as they search for advantage in a tough market.

MOM vs. The Giants: Microsoft Struggles for Net Management Supremacy

Though already out for a year, and despite Microsoft's control of the underlying architecture, MOM faces a fight for the hearts and minds of network managers.

Down the Novell Identity Spiral with iChain

With the release of its iChain security appliance, Novell begins the march toward complying with the Liberty Alliance's identity management specifications. How will it fare against smaller security specialists like Netegrity and RSA?

OpenView Delves Deeper Into Systems Management

Hewlett-Packard has been delving deeper and deeper into crossplatform enterprise systems management through a series of technology investments in OpenView. Users and analysts are definitely feeling the impact.

Changes Loom for Novell's Groupwise and Netmail

As the usual sniping with Microsoft continues, a reinvigorated Novell is moving its GroupWise and NetMail offerings forward with a multiplatform world firmly in mind.

Is a Taste of ICE Easier to Swallow than the Whole Enchilada?

Integrated messaging environments like Exchange, Notes, and Groupwise are often dinged for cost and complexity. When are they a good fit, and when is it best to marginalize their role in your organization? Jacqueline Emigh reports.

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