Articles by Jacqueline Emigh 

Interoperability Issues Infest Wireless LANs

With equipment prices falling and the number of hot spots rising, wireless LANs will become more predominant in 2003 than ever before. For network managers, though, vendor interoperability is expected to remain a critical issue across areas ranging from encryption to configuration management tools. Jacqueline Emigh reports.

Is Crossplatform App Management in Microsoft's Future?

Despite numerous flops along the way, Microsoft has a track record of astounding the IT world by surmounting mighty high hurdles. Could crossplatform application management be next in line? Jacqueline Emigh reports.

Big Changes Looming for Windows Server and Management Tools

Several years from now, SMS and MOM will both be history. As Microsoft adopts a new 'self-healing' architecture, administration and monitoring tools will instead gradually be integrated into the OS, application servers, and applications. Don't hold your breath waiting for the changeover, though, reports Jacqueline Emigh.

In the Year 2005, Will Your Anti-Spam Arsenal Be the Same?

A couple of years from now, will you still be relying on the same anti-spam strategy you're using today? Jacqueline Emigh takes a look at the anti-spam scene as it stands today and reveals where it appears to be headed in the near future.

Picking Your Anti-Spam Poison: The Spam Series, Part 2

The onslaught of spam is spawning a growing spate of solutions, but which approach to fighting spam is best for your organization? Join Jacqueline Emigh as she reveals the pros and cons of the various host-based services, hardware appliances, and software gateways currently available for combating spam.

Stomping Out Spam: The Spam Series, Part 1

The onslaught of spam is spawning a growing spate of solutions. Join Jacqueline Emigh as she delves into the issue of how spam proliferates so quickly, and why it's driving administrators to deploy anti-spam products in droves.

Global Internet 'Early Warning System' on the Way

About three weeks from now, Matrix NetSystems and a still unnamed partner will launch a global Internet 'early warning system' aimed at alerting customers to cyberattacks in plenty of time to fend off damage. Meanwhile, Jacqueline Emigh reports the new Internet management service provider has just inked a deal with netVmg, developer of a solution for routing traffic across ISP links according to specified enterprise policies.

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