Articles by Beth Cohen 

Corralling Those Wild IT Assets

IT asset tracking does not need to be a major IT project or an enormous undertaking.

Not Just a User, a Customer!

Customer service is nothing new, so why do so many IT people ignore it at their peril? Beth Cohen explores the reasons why being technically competent is simply not enough these days, and why top-notch communication skills are the new IT differentiator in today's highly competitive IT job market.

VoIP: Killer Technology or Yet Another Victim of Hype?

Voice over IP (VoIP) technology enables telephone calls to be transmitted over IP data networks or the Internet instead of over public switched networks, giving it the potential to revolutionize our use of telecom and IT infrastructures. Beth Cohen addresses the pros and cons of VoIP technology and discusses whether or not you should be seriously considering the technology as part of your IT infrastructure mix.

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