Articles by Beth Cohen 

'Good Enough' Security: Network Security on a Shoestring Budget

In an environment where most of us are continually squeezed for time, resources, and funds, how can we possibly hope to fix and prevent all of our network's security problems? Beth Cohen presents principles of 'good enough' computer security that might not prevent a massive targeted attack, but that will prevent 90% of your problems while keeping your finance department happy and your job secure.

Power over Ethernet -- Ready to Power On?

Imagine what you could do if your existing Ethernet network cabling could be combined with electrical power to fully support wireless access points, VoIP phone systems, security cameras, and a variety of other appliances. With an official IEEE standard for Power over Ethernet (PoE) expected to debut next month, now is a good time to evaluate the advantages that PoE can bring to your organization.

DNSSEC: Security for Essential Network Services

DNS has been a major security hole since it was first deployed, but until recently, not much had been done to patch the network service's security vulnerabilities. Beth Cohen reveals the largest DNS security holes, explores how you can protect your network from them, and introduces the IETF's new DNSSEC standard designed to prevent potential future catastrophic attack.

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