Articles by Tim Gray 

Vonage: Cash For VoIP Converts

Rebate offer aims to get more VoIP converts.

Money Still Making Vonage Go Round

The VoIP firm garners another $250M.

Broadband Video Continues Ascent

Market expected to go nowhere but up.

IRCbot Trojan Spoofing Skype

Researchers discover new malware variant that teases with a fake Skype app.

eBay's Big Buy Leaves 'em Guessing

Big Skype transaction doesn't always mean big profits, analysts say.

Skype May See Restrictions in China

The VoIP provider appears to be getting squeezed out of the Chinese market.

McAfee Breaks Into Pipe Cleaning

The company's Clean Pipes initiative helps ISPs protect its customers.

EBay to Buy Skype?

If the report holds true, it could be easier for eBay users to communicate with each other.

Cell Phones May Hold Key to VoIP

New report predicts widespread use of cellular Wi-Fi.

No Restraint at Black Hat

Conference organizers, expert are slapped with a restraining order for premature revelations about Cisco.

Microsoft to Acquire E-mail Security Provider

Redmond adds another piece to its growing list of managed service firms.

Cisco Plugs VoIP Gateway Holes

Flaws in its voice-over IP gateways could let hackers eavesdrop on telephone calls and issue denial-of-service attacks on some services.

Sender ID Gets Notice

Vendors meet in New York to address the ever popular issue of e-mail security.

Trend Micro Reviewing Update Snafu

Security firm says it is reviewing the process after releasing a faulty update.

McAfee Adds to Intrusion Prevention System

The company brings two new products into its IntruShield family.

Networking, Security Integration Reaches 'TippingPoint'

Network equipment maker 3Com pays $430M for intrusion prevention specialist TippingPoint in the latest cross-sector deal.

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