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SDN in the Enterprise: Who's Doing It, and How?

Join us for a Hangout on SDN in the enterprise, the issues, challenges and opportunities of adopting this networking technology.

Fluke Getting Back into Handheld Tester Market

After a hiatus of some seven years, Fluke Networks is introducing an upgraded version of its popular OneTouch network testing device. OneTouch AT Network Assistant is optimized for field techs.

Emerson Network Power Introduces High-Efficiency UPS

The Liebert NXL 1100 kVA/1100kW offers efficiency numbers equivalent to transformerless systems but with all the benefits transformer-based systems bring to the table.

Welcome to the Data Center Blog

Hello and welcome to the new Data Center blog on Enterprise Networking Planet!

Level 3 Launches New WAN Solution Packages to Simplify Enterprise Network Complexity

New WAN solution includes multiple components that offer an integrated approach to solving complex network management.

Are Smartphones a Security Risk for Corporate Networks?

Not if organizations take appropriate measures to ensure network safety.

Soliton Extends ForeScout Security with Network Access Control (NAC) Appliance

The NetAttest LAP appliance integrates with existing ForeScout CounterACT security control platform.

An In-depth Look at UTM and XTM

SMEs still embrace Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Extensible Threat Management (XTM).

BSO Delivers Lowest Latency Network from Europe to Asia

BSO improves latency to deliver highest availability network.

Express Logic Adds IPsec Support to NetX Duo

Adding IPsec secures NetX Duo transmissions.

IDS Helps Keep the Bad Guys Out

How network intrusion-detection systems (IDS) work.

Mobile Malware and Security: Are the Risks Real?

New mobile application security report highlights the lines of defense for mobile malware protection.

OpenStack Diablo Expands Networking

The OpenStack Diablo release will power global clouds.

IPv6: Data Center Migration and Adoption

A failure to migrate to IPv6 will eventually restrict access to connected resources and degrade communications efficiency.

Strong Network Security Starts with Common Sense

Organizations need to get a grip on borders.

The Next Steps for WAN Optimization

Silver Peak debates WAN Optimization topic at Interop New York 2011.

AuthenTec Enhances VPN Security for LifeTouch Android Tablets

NEC chooses QuickSec VPN Client for enterprise-class security in LifeTouch NOTE models.

Infoblox Announces New IPv6 Validation Tests

IPv6 enhancements added to online DNS Advisor tool.

Can HP Take Cisco in Data Center Switching Fight?

HP and Cisco battle for Ethernet switching market share.

Network-1 Initiates Patent Litigation Against Data Networking Companies

Lawsuit against 16 data networking companies, including HP, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper, Avaya and Dell.

Aliathon, Vitesse Collaborate on Optical Transport Network Tools

Aliathon will license Vitesse's 40G and 100G eFEC cores for FPGA implementation in OTN applications.

Network Security Tips: Arp Cache Poisoning

Arp cache poisoning puts the attacker in position to intercept communications between the two computers.

SoftLayer Expands Network Routing Footprint

Cloud hosting provider upgrades to Juniper Networks MX 3D Universal Edge Routers.

DDoS Top Cloud Computing Security Threat

Cloud providers need protection against DDoS attacks in place.

Oclaro Announces New 100 Gbps Coherent Receivers

The CR5100 series is for use in transmission networks that employ the PM-QPSK modulation format.

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