Articles by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff 

Biometric Authentication Module for Netware Released

SAFLINK has released SAFmodule 2.1 for Novell Modular Authentication Service, providing a scalable biometric solution. Learn about the feature set and background here.

eXPected Announcements

Given the hoopla over the release of Windows XP, it should come as no surprise that there's been a surfeit of related announcements, several of which are important to the networking community. Herein is a summary of those XP-related products and services which will impact networks and enterprises.

DigitalThink Introduces Security & Diaster Protection Courseware

One of the key elements to achieve successful diaster recovery and security policies is maintaining user-awareness. Here's one solution you can deploy to assure everyone on your network knows what to do to keep the enterprise and its data secure.

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