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Protect Your Site's Content

A new security tool has been released that looks for unauthorized site content changes, and can automatically restore the original material. Learn about the feature set and availability here.

ZENworks For Handhelds Announced

Novell is taking advantage of their reputation with desktop management software through their acquisition of Callisto Software, and preparing a rollout for a new entry in their management suite, ZENworks. This time, they're going mobile...

Securing Mobile VPNs

Two companies have formed an alliance to proivide security and authentication to remote VPN logins. Read on to see if this may plug up some holes in your scheme.

Pushing the Envelope

These days when people are concerned about viruses contained through weith e-mail or more traditional methods, newer and better forms of delivery and security are constantly sought for. PostX thinks they've taken things one step further, and has received a patent for their concept.

Cross-Platform Replication

Interoperable clients don't always play well together, especially when it comes to back-up, synchronization, and file replication. Read about the latest version of FileReplicationPro, whose feature set is designed to get around these problems.

Blade Computers on the Cutting Edge

One of the more interesting alternative approaches to networking is the concept of blade computing. One vendor, ClearCube, has announced the first P4 blade computers on the market. See whether this alternative approach to desktop computing and management may be the key to saving you time, and company money.

Wavelength Lockers See a New Light

Next-generation optical networks can now take advantage of a new wavelength locker that is purported to give tunable transmitters the necessary channel boundaries required within carrier-class optical equipment. Here you can read allabout Bandwidth9's latest offering in this marketplace.

Product Offers Fast System Restoration

RecoverySafe from imagine LAN is slated to ship next month, and purports to handle system configuration problems on an enterprise-wide basis. Read about the feature set, availability, and pricing here.

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