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CrossNodes Net Tips: Windows 2000 slow logon

The first in a new series of networking tips and tricks. First up, some things to check if your Windows 2000 machine takes forever to login to a Windows network.

Context Sensitive Disclaimers for E-Mail

Red Earth has released Policy Patrol 1.2, which can add context-sensitive dislaimers and signatures to outgoing or internal e-mail. Learn more about this release herein...

Sharp Ships 80 PPM Network Printer

Sharp Electronics Corporation has announced that it is shipping an 80 page-per-minute (PPM) digital multifunction printer/copier for busy networked office environments. Learn more about the feature set within.

Digital Switches Go Analog

Pericom Semiconductor is breaking into the analog market with a new series of switches and multiplexers.

Vendor Ships New High Capacity Storage Server

Maxtor has started shipping a 640 GB NAS server, which 5they claim to be the highest capacity of its kind. Running out of room? Read on...

Business Performance Management Software Gets Browser-based Interface

One of the advents of e-commerce is that it makes Business Performance Management (BPM) much easier to track than in the past. One provider of BPM software for the enterprise has come up with a solution that uses browsers for their front-end. Read this article if you're considering deployment of BPM software.

New Remote Network Management Tool Debuts

Intermapper Remote can manage a network from anywhere, so long as their server product exists within the firewall. Read within to learn if this is a viable solution for you...

Vendor Heads Off XP Vulnerabilities

nCircle Network Security recently announced new rules for their IP360 network security solution that identify the recently reported vulnerabilities in Windows XP. Learn more, and get the link for the Microsoft patches in this story.

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