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CrossNodes Net Tips Index

CrossNodes Net Tips is a recently implemented feature, offering tips, tricks, and useful advice about networking. As our collection of information grows, so will this index page.

Version 3.0 of Unicenter Service Level Management Released

Computer Associates' program collects and correlates service levels from both internal and external sources to assess infrastructure performance and pinpoint troubled areas.

Vendor Ships Roll-Your-Own Network Storage

Veritas recently announced ServPoint, a software product that transforms industry-standard hardware components into open, enterprise-class network storage appliances. Learn more about this offering within...

Novell Portal Services 1.5 Released

Novell has released the latest version of their portal solution, aimed to work across platforms to provide a customized interface based on user's rights and capabilities. Might this be a solution for your intranet? Read on...

ISS Releases RealSecure SiteProtector

Touted by the vendor as the industry's first centralized security management system, Internet Security Systems asserts that their security management system is the first to unify the management of network, server, and desktop protection systems.

Index to CrossNodes Briefings

An index to all of the CrossNodes Briefings -- tutorials and overviews which act as primers and checklists on what you need to know before getting involved with a specific technology.

Sniffing Out Network Problems on Small and Medium-sized Networks

Sniffer Technologies, a division of Network Associates, has announced Sniffer Investigator, which they claim to be the most robust solution for organizations with 1,000 or less employees. Might this fit your bill? Read within...

CrossNodes Net Tip: Dissociate Scripts, But Leave Them Enabled

Some Network managers turn off Windows Scripting Host to avoid malicious code from running, but there is a way you can have it function and still be protected.

Configuration Auditor 2.0 Released

Have changes been made to essential config files without your knowledge? Ecora's upgrade of their auditor and reporter software may fit the bill for your enterprise's self-assurance.

CrossNodes Net Tip: Don't display the last user logged in

WIndows 2000 by default will display the last user name logged in, which in some circumstances can provide opportunity for a security breach. Here's a simple way to fix that.

Version 3.2 of Tarantella Enterprise 3 Released

Tarantella Enterprise 3 software provides integrated, managed, and secure access to server-based applications through a Web browser, and the latest release offers some new features. Read within to learn if this might provide a solution for your enterprise.

Net Tip: Traffic in Your System Tray

Track a machine's connectivity at a glance! Here's a neat little trick so let you display local network traffic in the Windows 2000 system tray.

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