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Crossnodes Tip: Save Some Typing with OpenSSH's 'config' File

A few quick additions to the OpenSSH 'config' file can save you a lot of typing when visiting remote hosts.

CrossNodes Tip: OpenSSH Revisited: Simplify Remote Access with ssh-agent

In the second part of our quick look at ssh and the steps we can take to make access to remote hosts more seamless, we examine the role of ssh-agent in storing authenticated keys so you can enjoy secure, transparent access to all the machines you maintain without having to log in every time you access them.

In Brief: Apple Software Restores Remote Management to OS X

Apple continues the process of restoring functionality lost in the jump to OS X with the Apple Remote Desktop: a modern version of the Apple Network Administrator that brings remote management back to the Macintosh.

In Brief: MailAnalyzer Release Helps Administrators Enforce Mail Policy

MailAnalyzer acts as a policy enforcement tool by including attachment scanners and content analyzers that examine mail for links to objectionable sites.

Crossnodes Tip: Secure and Convenient? Key Authentication with OpenSSH

Security and convenience don't often go hand in hand, but in the case of ssh, it's possible to have a lot of one and more than a little of the other through the use of public key authentication. First in a collection of tips designed to make remote administration via ssh a little more pleasant.

In Brief: Cisco Retools CCNA Exam to Assess "Practical Mastery"

Cisco Systems has retooled its most basic exam to better assess Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) candidates on their practical skills and their ability to work under time constraints.

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