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WatchGuard Announces Gigabit Firebox Vclass Appliances

WatchGuard has announced its Vclass firewall appliances with support for up to 20,000 IPSEC VPN tunnels and 75-600 Megabit firewall throughput.

Infinity Technology Services Releases High Speed IDS

Infinity Technology Services has announced shipment of the INDESYS Network Intrusion Detection System. The company says the product is capable of full duplex capture at 100Mbps.

Nokia Releases Entry-Level Intrusion Detection System Appliance

Nokia has released the IP120, an entry-level IDS aimed at small, medium, and enterprise branch offices.

Symantec Announces Integrated Firewall/Antivirus/VPN Appliance

Symantec has announced the release of the Symantec Gateway Security Appliance, an integrated firewall, content filter, VPN, and intrusion detection device.

Qualys Offers Free Network Vulnerability Scans with Qualysguard Trial

Hot on the heels of a recent CERT advisory regarding Microsoft IIS vulnerabilities, Qualys offers a free test-drive of its Web-based vulnerability assessment software.

In Brief: NetPro Announces Active Directory Troubleshooting Tool

DirectoryTroubleshooter provides a single client interface for running multiple tests against selected domain controllers, sites, domains, or naming contexts to diagnose Active Directory problems.

In Brief: Wind River Expands Support For Voice-Over-IP Networks

The company says WindNet Sigtran enables VoIP network equipment to access the Signaling System 7 (SS7) network across an IP network, minimizing the need for direct connections to the SS7 network.

In Brief: Netopia Releases netOctopus 4.0 with OS X and Windows XP Support

Netopia has updated its service delivery product with OS X, Windows XP, and SQL backend support.

In Brief: Network Associates Rolls Out Web-Based Network Analysis Tools

Network Associates has announced the release of Sniffer Enterprise Management Architecture, a suite of tools designed to provide web-based network management and trend reporting for enterprise networks.

Review: SecureCRT for Windows SSH Client

If you're in need of full-featured, easy-to-use, Windows-based ssh client, VanDyke's SecureCRT will fill the bill. At $99, it's not cheap, but it makes secure remote access a snap.

In Brief: 3Com Introduces "Future-Proof" Upgradeable Switch

3Com promises its new switch is 'future-proof' via software updates. Enhancements include automatic prioritization of VoIP traffic.

In Brief: McAfee ThreatScan Targets Network "Soft Spots"

McAfee's latest product promises to identify vulnerable spots in a network by assessing listening ports, open shares, and patch status.

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