Articles by Enterprise Networking Planet Staff 

Novell Announces Client-Free Zenworks for Desktops

Novell has announced an upcoming open beta release of Zenworks for Desktops 4. The company's remote management software is now free of the need for Novell's client software and works across the Internet.

Verio Claims 30 to 40 Percent Savings with IP VPN Service

Verio claims its new IP VPN service will save companies 30 to 40 percent over traditional frame-relay or leased-line services, and guarantees low latency and packet loss to boot.

Lantronix Announces Web-Based Console Management Software

Lantronix has announced ConsoleWorks, console management software that provides a central control panel for management of network equipment via a Web browser.

SecureWorks Announces "SNMP Defense Technology"

SecureWorks has announced an extension to its iSensor intrusion prevention service it calls 'SNMP defense technology.'

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