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Comcast Announces Plans for IPv6 Public Trials

Comcast says it will initiate a series of public trials in April to help transition its network to IPv6.

Geo-smart Internet Addressing Gets Users to Nearby Servers Quickly

Google and Neustar UltraDNS have proposed a DNS extension to build geographic smarts into the Domain Name System.

Layton's AuditWizard Network Inventory Software for a Buck

The catch — of course there is one — is that the price is available with an annual support license.

Sun Deal Complete, Oracle Considers Next Steps

Oracle Chief Ellison says the biggest post-acquisition challenge will be cleaning up Sun's messy supply chain, not headcount reduction.

Bell Microproducts to add 10 Gigabit Ethernet Offerings

Storage and computing technology vendor, Bell Microproducts will distribute Neterion's 10GbE network adapter cards.

Cloud Computing: Transforming IT.

Cloud computing is coming. IT is finally catching up with the rest of the Internet by extending the enterprise outside of the traditional data center walls. And although cloud computing is transforming traditional IT, it is still immature.

New Extreme Ethernet Gear Helps VM and Legacy Environments

New gear from switching vendors Extreme Networks and Voltaire help data centers manage a growing number of switched VMs.

Nexaira Wireless Launches 3G/4G High Availability Router

The new Business Class II High Availability Router from Nexaira includes security and network protocols.

Functions and Limitations of Network Services Virtualization Tools

Data center virtualization is changing the way we think about today's networks.

NetMotion Wireless Moves Towards IPv6

NetMotion Wireless has received its 11th U.S. patent related to its Mobile VPN (Virtual Private Network) software.

3Com Data Center Switches get Green Certification

The H3C S12508 data center core switch and its H3C S5820X top-of-rack switch have received the Miercom Certified Green designation.

Market Trends: Software as a Service, Worldwide, 2008-2013, Update

According to this Gartner report, network administrators better get ready for a while lot more traffic. Worldwide software as a service (SaaS) revenue is forecast to reach $7.5 billion in 2009, a 17.7 percent increase from 2008 revenue of $6.4 billion.

BT Diamond Receives Integrated IPv4 and IPv6 Management Patent

BT Diamond IP has received United States patent No. 7,623,547 for Internet Protocol Address Management System and Method.

Is There Safety in the Cloud

The European Network & Information Security Agency (ENISA) released a report two weeks ago covering Cloud Computing Risk and Security. The report highlights 35 risks to consider when making sourcing decisions that include private or public Cloud services.

Juniper, Polycom Partner for Network Resource and Video Call Control

Juniper and Polycom have entered a partnership to offer telepresence and video conferencing services to enterprises.

Riverbed Technology Offers Enhanced Cascade Solution

The new Cascade 8.4 allows organizations to better assess, accelerate and adapt network performance.

BIG-IP Edge Gateway Offers Significant Enterprises ROI

F5’s BIG-IP Edge Gateway Solution offers high-performance access to LAN-speed application performance for remote and mobile workers.

Public Sites Must Support IPv6 by 2012

Experts warn corporations and government agencies to IPv6-enable their public Web sites in the next 24 months.

Simena Packet Flow Switch Boasts Industry's Lowest Latency

Simena announced a new version of Packet Flow Switch, PFS1524, boasting the industry's lowest fixed latency.

Alcatel Optical Switch Offers 4T bps with Less Power

Alcatel-Lucent's new optical switch consumes less power per bit than today's equipment.

Emerging IEEE Standards Ease Data Center Management Issues

IEEE 802.1Qbg/bh address management issues raised by virtual machines in datacentres.

DDoS Attacks Grow at a Slower Rate

The volume of distributed denial-of-service attacks against network operators is still growing, but according to industry experts the growth rate is slowing down.

Cisco VideoStream Optimizes Video over WLAN

The Cisco Unified Wireless Network offers new features to optimize multimedia performance wireless and wired networks.

NetFlow Analysis Pinpoints Network Congestion

Finding the root cause of congestion can be expensive. One non-profit invested in a NetFlow traffic analysis tool to solve the problem.

Microsoft asks for Cloud Computing Advancement Act

Microsoft urges the government to step in on cloud computing privacy and security issues.

Osterman Research/Axway Survey Finds 82 Percent of Employees Turn to Personal Email Accounts to Send Large Files

Axway announced survey results revealing strong discrepancies between employees and their IT department on topics related to enterprise file transfer. Conducted with Osterman Research, the survey is entitled “Problems with File Transfers and What Organizations Should Do to Resolve Them.”

Transition offers Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch with IPv6

Transition Network has a new fully-managed, high port count, Gigabit Ethernet switch that supports network devices with IPv6 addressing.

D-Link Closes Security Hole with Firmware Update

New firmware updates for several models of D-Link routers are now available to download.

Vendors Combine Networking, Server, and Storage in Unified Platforms

This year vendors are offering unified platforms. Will CIOs buy into vendor restrictions?

Extreme Leads in Multicast Group Capacity

The main measure of IP multicast scalability is group capacity, and Extreme's Summit x650 is a clear leader.

GlassHouse Survey Reveals 60 Percent of Executives Plan to Implement Cloud Technology Next Year

GlassHouse Technologies announced the results of a survey that highlights the growing popularity of cloud computing. According to GlassHouse’s cloud computing trends survey, 60 percent of executives plan to implement cloud initiatives in the coming year.

Gmail Encrypts Traffic, Will Business Follow?

Google's shift to encrypted by default is a reminder to do more to secure your organization's data and communications.

Global Crossing adds WAN Optimization Capabilities to Services

Global Crossing's managed network services has added support for WAN optimization capabilities, based on gear from Juniper Networks.

The Rogue Risk: Find Suspicious Devices

Unapproved devices can create a security hole that you need to fill.

Manage Wireless Network with Netgear ProSafe

Netgear's new product, ProSafe Wireless, claims to help small-to medium-sized businesses deploy and manage a secure wireless network.

Google Knows Apps, Symplified Knows Identity

Cloud-based desktop application services (Google Apps) are a component of Google’s strategy to expand into new businesses that augment its Internet search and advertising prowess. To be successful, the search engine has trained its array of computers and data analysis acumen on these new business imperatives of small and large businesses alike to fuel future growth and its market making capabilities.

Cisco Internetworking Handbook

This hand book is available free. It provides a comprehensive primer on all areas of networking, the various protocols, extensive wireless data and a whole lot more.

A New Era in Designing and Managing the Wireless Network

This paper from Motorola contains some interesting data for those involved in designing, deploying, monitoring and managing high-speed wireless networks.

The Evolving Role of the Network Router

The network router is evolving from a device dedicated to connecting disparate networks to an integrated services device capable of multiple functions.

KDDI Launches Total Managed Security Router Service

KDDI America says its new service provides enterprises of all sizes with managed network, router and switching services.

Wireless LAN Standards: Where are we now?

There are many wireless standards and protocols in play. Which ones should you harness and which ones are becoming obsolete?

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