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NetCracker to Consolidate its Parent Company, NEC

NEC acquired NetCracker back in 2008, now NetCracker will consolidate NEC's software and services business.

What Not to Look for in a 2010 Data Center

A few years ago, the data center was a relatively static place, but unified architectures, computing power and other technologies have changed that.

Worldwide Ethernet Switch 2010-2014 Forecast

This document covers the key trends impacting the Ethernet switch market.

Napatech Enhances Adapters for Mobile Data Networks

The new features enable real-time network and application performance monitoring of mobile user data.

Force 10 Pitches its Switches to HP Resellers

Force 10 tells resellers to forget Forget Cisco switches.

What You Need to Know About DirectAccess

DirectAccess is a remote access technology that is available with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate editions.

Comcast Pushes DNS Security

DNS Security extensions is a strong move towards more stable Internet security.

Wireless LAN Market Forecast to Rebound to Record Level in 2010

The enterprise segment of the Wireless LAN market is expected to double within five years

Leverage the Cloud as Attack Traffic Defense Mechanism

More than 200 Gigabytes per second is waged at the online infrastructure of several agencies of a particular government.

Network access control (NAC) market hits $37 million in 3Q09, down 6%

Market research firm Infonetics Research released its biannual NAC Enforcement Appliances report, which tracks network access control enforcement appliances priced below and above $30,000.

The Secret Bit Movement

We know there are fundamental limits to what the Internet can handle.

Cyberoam Announces Virtual SSL VPN Solution

Cyberoam has integrated its SSL VPN solution on a virtual platform as a dedicated appliance.

3Com Rolls Out Network Security and Performance Offerings

Designed with the enterprise in mind, 3Com is expanding its Secure Network Fabric initiative to help large enterprises migrate to more virtualized data centers.

Will 'Chuck Norris' Prompt Vendors to Change Default Settings?

Vendors have been unwilling to change their position on default settings unless "something happens".

Cisco, HP Split: No Need to take Sides

Cisco said it would not renew its system integrator contract with HP after it expires at the end of April.

Improve Authentication and Access Control on Windows Server 2008

Configuring Windows Server 2008 features will improve authentication and access control in your network.

IT Pros and Their Networking Gear

From WAN optimization gear to application management software, IT Pros love networking gear.

WAN Optimization for Video Streams, External SaaS, other Applications

The advance of the cloud, file sharing, and virtualization all lead to traffic into the WAN.

Worldwide WAN Application Delivery 2010-2014 Forecast and Analysis

IDC covers worldwide WAN application delivery in this report.

Cisco to Dump HP?

According to the to the blogosphere, a Cisco memo indicates the company plans to break-up and end the relationship with HP.

Doing More with a Hybrid Approach

2010 may prove to be a period of recovery, but organizations of all size still work with a decreased budget and reduced IT staff.

Super Admin Required for Networking, Storage and Server Convergence

As networking, storage and servers become more tightly integrated, the data center will be casting for a new super administrator position.

IBM Acquires Network Automation Software Vendor, Intelliden

Intelliden's software is used by telecom companies, service providers and other enterprise customers.

Brocade Solutions Powers Top Three Internet Exchanges

Brocade says its switches and routers powers the world's top three largest Internet Exchange Points (IXP).

Microchips Integrate Capacity, Quality, and Speed

Vendors have jumped onto the bandwagon of customized solution offerings.

McAfee, Brocade Partner on Network Security

The companies have a new multi-year agreement that focuses on extending network management integration.

Cisco Launches the Integrated Services Routers Generation 2: Getting Branch Ready for Tomorrow's Operation

This IDC Flash discusses Cisco's announcement of the launch of its second-generation integrated services routers (ISRs), the ISR G2. As the first proof point of its Borderless Networks Architecture, the ISR G2 is designed to deliver integrated network services, such as data, voice, video, wireless, and security, at branch offices.

Cisco OTV Connects Remote Data Centers at Layer 2

Cisco Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) skips some of the pitfalls associated with connecting remote data centers

Motorola Splits to Create Consumer and Enterprise Network Units

Investors have voiced approval of Motorola's plans to split into two publicly traded companies.

Belkin Offers New Double N+ Wireless Router

Belkin's new high performance router expands the company's small office networking portfolio.

Napatech adds Mobile Data Network Monitoring

Napatech's new real-time network analysis adapters will be shown at the Mobile World Congress.

Business VoIP Boosts Carrier IP Telephony Market in Second Quarter of 2009

Research indicates that the carrier IP telephony market rose 7 percent sequentially in the second quarter of 2009, to $737 million, as service providers replenished equipment and license inventories and purchased infrastructure to serve near-term customer needs.

HP gets Green Light on 3Com Bid

The European Commission has given approval on HP's $2.7 billion bid for 3Com.

Treck TCP/IP v6.0 Includes Address Selection for IPv6

Treck has announced a new cersion of its TCP/IP software that offers a number of news features in addition to support for RFC 3484.

Avaya-Nortel Merger Complete � Services Moving to a Channel-Focused Model

Once great competitors, telecom giants Avaya and Nortel are now one.

Trustwave NAC is Common Criteria Validated

Trustwave has been validated for Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 2.

Enterprise Readies Corporate Networks for Mobile Apps

This year we can expect to see more enterprises allowing teleworkers to remotely access the corporate network.

Enterprises Support Private Clouds, not Public

Enterprises are experimenting with the private cloud computing but are not ready to tap in to public clouds just yet.

New Version of Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Available

SolarWinds's Orion NTA v3.6 has new features including advanced application mapping and optimized flow collection performance.

Providing Secure Guest Internet

This paper examines the whys and wherefores of allowing visitors onto the corporate network.

Forefront UAG 2010 Addresses DirectAccess Shortcomings

Microsoft's Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010 helps DirectAccess move beyond pilot projects to actual network deployment.

Worldwide Datacenter Layer 4-7 Switch 2010-2014 Forecast

IDC analyzes the trends within the datacenter Layer 4–7 switch market including a forecast of the worldwide market.

Google Wants Enterprises to Embrace Buzz

Google plans to embrace the social networking experience with Google Buzz. Will businesses join in?

Load Balancing in the Cloud

Using virtualization and cloud computing to shift workloads from data center to data center.

Cisco Network Troubleshooting Guide

Dependency on network resources has grown tremendously over the past ten years. In today's world, a company's success is highly dependent on its network availability. As a result, companies are increasingly less tolerant of network failures. Therefore, network troubleshooting has become a crucial element to many organizations.

Siemon Releases Passive Copper Cabling Products for Data Centers

The high-performance products are designed for enterprise networking and network storage systems.

Enterasys Wireless Enhancements Simplifies Network Management

The company has a new version of its HiPath WLAN Software that simplifies network management procedures.

Juniper Execs Discuss Network Vision

This interview with Juniper Networks executives discusses everything from cloud computing to tech trends in the enterprise market.

Cisco Introduces Overlay Transport Virtualization

New technology set to enable rapid datacenter migration with Nexus 7000 switches, aiming to ease load balancing and disaster recovery operations.

YouTube: Yes we have IPv6 Support

After much speculation last week, YouTube has confirmed that it now supports IPv6.

Air Force Looks to IBM for Secure Cloud Network

The U.S. Air Force has contracted IBM to design its secure defense and intelligence cloud network.

Best Practices: Make Wired Upgrades before Integrating Wireless

When integrating wired and wireless networks traffic flows and loads will change. Be prepared before making the transition.

Supply Shortages Dampen Wireless LAN Market Sales during Second Quarter

A recently published report by Dell'Oro Group revealed that during the second quarter of this year, the worldwide Wireless LAN market sales were constrained by supply shortages affecting a number of equipment manufacturers.

Blade Pitches Unified Fabric Architecture Roadmap

In the pitch, Blade Network Technologies claims their Unified Fabric Architecture to be more open and flexible than Cisco's.

Network Bog a Public Cloud Concern

When it comes to the cloud there are obvious benefits and challenges. One concern is that if the the network goes down, you lose your cloud.

Where are the Web Giants on IPv6?

The biggest Web sites are being pressured to offer IPv6-enabled Web content.

Worldwide Enterprise Networking 2010 Top 10 Predictions

This IDC study provides an analysis of the top 10 trends impacting the enterprise networking market for 2010. This is paid research.

OneConnect Network Adapters Obtain VMware vSphere 4 Certification

Emulex Corporation's OneConnect adapters are fully supported with VMware vSphere 4.

Testing 10 GbE Switch Latency

A switch that services a large number users has the potential to be the source of a major bottleneck.

Cisco Internetworking Design Guide

Internetworking—the communication between two or more networks—encompasses every aspect of connecting computers together. Internetworks have grown to support vastly disparate end-system communication requirements

Facebook Needs 100 Gigabit Ethernet, Looks to 1 Terabit

A senior Facebook network engineer says the social networking company already need 100-Gigabit Ethernet and ideally could use 1-Terabit Ethernet.

WAN Optimization Market is Hot but Crowded

The need for WAN optimization will grow as more companies look to the cloud.

Bandwidth Engine Technology Keeps 100Gbit/s Pace

A little company announces a technology that could be a very big deal to big players like Cisco, Juniper.

Absolute Manage Deploys Software, Manage Licenses Across the Network

Absolute Manage allows admins to manage all their assets by automating IT processes.

Barracuda Launches New Line of Enterprise Firewalls

Prices range from $599 to $40,000, suitable for SMB to data center markets.

Worldwide Ethernet Switch 3Q09 Market Share Update

This report details the state of the Ethernet Switch Market in 3Q09 and who has the greatest market share

Cisco Plans Major Core Router Upgrade

This early report suggests that Cisco will soon announce a new, next-gen carrier core router.

YouTube Supporting IPv6 in Production Mode

Google has turned on IPv6 support for YouTube video streaming, sending a spike of IPv6 traffic across the Internet.

Data Center Deployments Drive Ethernet Switch Market Growth in the Third Quarter

A recent market research report from Dell'Oro Group indicates that the Ethernet Switch market grew for the second consecutive quarter during the third quarter of this year, driven by continued strength in data center deployments.

Networking Technologies: Still Stuck in Physical Hardware?

Networking tied to physical hardware creates gaps in security in virtualized environments.

Vulnerabilities Found in Femtocell Devices

Trustwave has found vulnerabilities in Femtocell devices that make it possible to sniff traffic as it traverses the network.

Blue Coat IPv6 Appliance Preserves Delivery

Blue Coat's ProxySG application retrieval and delivery — in either an IPv4 or IPv6 — is transparent to users.

iPad: The Business Connection

The iPad is a consumer device but its presence, like the iPhone, will need to be addressed on business networks.

Network Design: Planning for Complex Networks

Network design models are a framework for integrating different types of traffic into the network.

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