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HP to Integrate Networking, Server, Storage to Single Unit

New HP product will collapse multiple server, storage and networking products into single data centre IT unit.

Brocade 10 GbE Adapters Qualified and Now Available

The company's 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Converged Network Adapters (CNAs) have been successfully qualified.

Cisco Offers WLAN Interference Management Tools

The company has launched a new series of wireless access points with built-in interference monitoring technology.

InterOp Trends: Converged Networks

Enterprise video, telepresence, cloud computing, and other trends put an increased demand on corporate networks.

Oracle Merges Network Monitoring and Management

With 13,000 devices and an array of network monitoring and management tools, Oracle looked to an IT management system from Monolith Software.

Blade Network to Provide 10GbE for European Data Centers

The comapny will partner with Consolidate-IT to provide the RackSwitch family and virtualization and switch management software to European resellers.

QoS and the Enterprise Network

Enterprises have adopted network-based quality of service policies as a key component to their network infrastructures.

Aprius Announces Ethernet-Based I/O Virtualization

By tunneling PCIe over Ethernet, Aprius says its platform maximizes the benefits of server virtualization.

Who Will Pay for Mobile Traffic on Fixed Networks?

Virgin Media has said the the cost of routing mobile traffic may be passed on to end-users.

More Than One Billion Mobile Workers Worldwide by Year End, According to IDC

The mobile workforce is already placing tremendous strain on the network. However, this trend is going to accelerate in the years to come.

Emulex Offers New Network Optimization Software

Emulex OneCommand Vision is a new enterprise-class software solution for proactive I/O management.

Citrix Launches New NetScaler Appliances

The company has announced three new NetScaler MPX appliances that leverage Intel Xeon processor 5680 technology.

McAfee Releases Enterprise Firewall Appliance

McAfee's new Firewall Enterprise 8 is designed to integrate with existing corporate security policies.

Outlook: partly cloudy with sunny spells to follow

Discussing a hybrid approach to cloud computing

Verizon Offers Managed WAN Networking Services

The company has teamed with Riverbed Technology to offer WAN networking capabilities as a managed service.

SonicWALL Unveils SuperMassive Firewall Technology

The company says 'Project SuperMassive' provides application control and malware protection at up to 40 Gbps.

Avaya Launches New Networking Products

Avaya claims its latest product offerings include four solutions that unify previously disparate networking elements.

Netgear Releases ProSafe Gigabit VPN Firewall for SMBs

The company's new business firewall appliance is priced at $500 for the small-to medium-sized budget.

New vWorkspace Boosts WAN Performance

Quest Software has a new release of vWorkspace that offers functionality enhancements, including EOP Xtream to speed WAN performance.

WatchGuard Offers Trade-In Program

The program lets businesses trade in competitive UTM firewalls for a free WatchGuard XTM multi-function firewall.

Zetta Expands Enterprise Network-Attached Storage Cloud

The company announces a new data service facility in New York City and partners for its on-demand network-attached storage service.

Norman Network Protection 3.7 Released

Designed for corporate networks, the company says that NNP 3.7 eliminates threats without affecting workforce productivity.

Vitesse Delivers 'Green' 12-Port Gigabit Ethernet PHY

The company's new 12-Port SimpliPHY device offersEcoEthernet 2.0 for energy efficiency.

Voltaire UFM Virtualizes 10 GbE Data Center Fabric

Voltaire UFM 3.0 Ethernet fabric management software dynamically orchestrates end-to-end virtual machine connectivity for multi-vendor, scale-out data center networks.

New QLogic 10GbEE Converged Network Adapters

QLogic's 8100 series converged network adapters consolidates NIC data networking with the storage networking of a Fiber Channel Adapter onto a single 10GbE Ethernet adapter.

Juniper Details Ethernet Switch Discount Program

A new channel program offer customers discounts on new Juniper Ethernet switches purchased through authorized partners.

Mellanox Benefits from 10 GE Upgrades

Companies like Mellanox are benefiting from a strengthening upgrade cycle within big data centers.

Ixia Breaks 100 Gbps Mobile Gateway Barrier

Ixia claims to have broken the 100 Gigabit per second barrier for LTE evolved packet core mobile gateways.

Edgecore to Launch Wireless MBG

Edgecore Networks has announced that is is re-entering the wireless networking industry with its family of Edgecore Wireless Multi-Access Business Gateways (MBG).

Gigamon Announces Entry-Level Enterprise Switch

The company has announced its new entry-level modular packet-aware Data Access Switch -- the GigaVUE-212.

What to Consider in Modernizing Your Network

This short article discusses the merits of network monitoring upgrades.

Brocade Announces SQL Server 2008 R2 Support

Brocade's networking solutions have been tested for interoperability with the latest feature enhancements to SQL Server 2008 R2.

Using MPLS to Deliver Enterprise VPN

Multi Protocol Label Switching is the de-facto technology for the delivery of VPN services in metro area networks.

Force10 Plans 40 GbE Switch, Router Solutions

Force10 Networks says it plans to incorporate 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40 GbE) into its switch/router solutions.

Netgear ReadyNAS Certified For NFS, iSCSI Protocols

Netgear's entire ReadyNAS family of business-class unified network storage devices passed VMware testing for the NFS and iSCSI protocols.

Juniper Delivers More than Network Devices

Juniper Networks has grown to be more than just another networking company, with products ranging from devices to data centers, from consumers to the cloud.

Layering Infiniband on Ethernet for RoCE

The Infiniband Trade Association says that vendors could announce 10Gbps RoCE products before the end of April.

Can SaaS Solve the Very Complexity It Has Created?

IT managers need the right tools to help simplify the management of their operations, including solutions that provide a view into all sorts of network details. This is particularly critical at a time when cloud computing and virtualization require automatic provisioning, which is making government networks more elastic than ever.

Extreme Network-based Data Center Virtualization

Extreme Networks' new solution is a network-based dynamic data center virtualization lifecycle management solution.

Arista Launches Modular 10 GbE Switch

Industry reports say that the Arista 7500 packs a lot of oomph into a small space.

Blade, Voltaire Speed Network Traffic

Blade Network Technologies and Voltaire plan to combine switches to speed data center networks.

Survey Shows 85 Percent of Organizations Anticipate Spending on External Service Providers Will Increase

An examination of key outsourcing issues such as external service provision

HP Announces 3Com-based Networking Portfolio

HP has announced a new networking portfolio based on technology built by 3Com.

Blending Wireless, Wired WAN Service Negotiations

Telecom experts offer valuable tips for making combined negotiations a success.

Network Tactics to Resolve Cloud Security Issues

Stonesoft says the company has identified five ways that organizations can improve cloud computing security.

The CIO`s Guide to Cloud Computing

For most CIOs, cloud computing is relatively amorphous. For practical consideration, cloud needs to be addressed in the context of immediate issues and future opportunities for enterprise IT.

Expand Networks Extends WAN Optimization Products

Expand Networks offers WAN Optimization with new branch office accelerators at entry pricing.

IPv6: Problems with Early Enterprise Adoption

Moving to IPv6 too early may create significant problems for enterprises.

Verizon Boosts Cloud Service with Virtual Router

Verizon has enhanced its its Computing-as-a -Service (CaaS) on-demand cloud computing infrastructure.

Voltaire Adds Ethernet Switch Management to Fabric Manager

The company also integrated Unified Fabric Manager (UFM) with a number of third party products.

SMC Updates Barricade Broadband Router

The SMCWBR14S-N4 is a multifunctional broadband router designed for small office home office (SOHO) use.

Worldwide IT Spending to Grow 3% in 2010, According to IDC

IDC expects an uptick in IT spending this year!

How to Squeeze More Efficiency Out of Your Infrastructure

The study details the impact on hosting providers who, today, lack the ability to optimize the number of clients on a server due to risk of increased instability.

Network Operators Face Increased IPv6 Pressure

There is increasing pressure to support IPv6 as indicators point to the rapid depletion of addresses for IPv4.

Addonics NAU Networks any USB Device

This Network-attached USB (NAU) turns a USB storage device into a network storage device.

Unicoi Adds Features to its Dual ModeNetworking Stack

Fusion Embedded Version 8.7 dual-mode TCP/IP stack offers a performance increase in transmit speed.

Juniper Networks: An 'Almost' Cisco Rival

Juniper Networks has come a long way from its days as a tiny router start-up.

Maxing MPLS Network Performance

Dealing with top performance issues, such as loss and delay, across the MPLS backbone.

FalconStor HyperFS Lets Channel Build Own NAS

The HyperFS file system can be run on the the channel member's chosen hardware and storage.

Voltaire Offers Scale-out Fabric Management

New software designed for virtualized on-demand data center network.

Intelsat Launches New Network With Cisco IP NGN

IntelsatONE offers IPv6 services, DVB-S2 trunking and MPLS VPN.

A10 Networks Releases IPv6 Migration Tools

A10 Networks is offering migration tools to carriers and ISPs.

New Enterasys Switches Improve 10GbE Options

The company has updated its line of B3 and C3 stackable switches to improve a number of things, including Power over Ethernet and 10GbE options.

Wireless LAN Market Hits Record High In Fourth Quarter of 2009

Motorola and Alcatel-Lucent Each Post More Than 30 Percent Sequential Growth in Wireless LAN market

Expand Networks Enhances WAN Optimization

The new version of Expand Networks' operating system promises greater WAN provisioning capabilities.

Blade Network One of Top 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Providers

The company ranks in top three supplies for data center networking market.

Company Claims Broadband Funds Hurt Private Business

Small cable companies say it harms existing private businesses.

Legal Eagles And The Cloud

Cloud computing must be catching on as now the lawyers are getting involved. This is all about service guarantees and SLAs.

Aruba Networks Leads on Army's Approved Product List

Aruba Networks receives accreditation from the U.S. Army's Office of Information Assurance and Certification.

D-Link DIR-685 All-In-One WiFi-N Router

The network attached storage (NAS) feature supports both UPnP server functions and BitTorrentTM downloads.

Brocade Network Optimization for Microsoft OCS

The company is also offering a Deployment Guide to help customers deploy Brocade networks with Office Communications Server 2007 R2.

What exactly is Cloud Computing?

This article gives a simple rundown of the cloud and outlines currently available services from Amazon and Microsoft.

Verizon Plays Catch-up with Comcast on IPv6

Verizon's announcement of a residential trial of IPv6 is a long-awaited upgrade.

Use the Right Router to Improve Wireless Security

Better routers will report on all devices on the network, regardless of how they got their IP address.

Cisco Router Improves Business Broadband

NTT America chooses the Cisco ASR 9000 carrier-class routing platform.

Panda Security Boosts Network Security Management

Panda Security for Business version 4.05 adds enhanced central management console and compatibility and filtering for Exchange networks.

Transforming Internet Datacenters with Optimized Data Access

How Leading-Edge Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing Datacenters Leverage Higher Level Building Blocks to Cut TCO, Accelerate Performance, and Simplify Management

Nexaira 3G/4G Router for Small Business

The newly expanded line of 3G/4G routers is priced for small and home offices.

Digi Launches Gobi Enterprise Cellular Router

The Digi TransPort WR44 with Gobi supports HSPA or EV-DO networks.

McAfee, Riverbed Partner on WAN Optimization and Security

The partnership yeilds WAN optimization and multilayer security in a single appliance.

Leostream Enhances Connection Broker Software

Connection Broker adds hosted VDI-specific policies necessary to complement established corporate ones.

Testing Enterprise Cloud Security and Speed

Should IT be wary of public cloud security or outages?

Network Management: SSL Encrypted Traffic

How network security teams can manage security challenges created by SSL.

Pwnat: An End-to-End NAT Traversal Tool

he author of the Samy Worm has released a new tool that enables computers behind different NAT routers to establish direct communication.

Cisco, HP and Juniper Boost Ethernet Switch Market in the Fourth Quarter 2009

10 Gigabit Ethernet Port Shipments Exceed 2 Million During 2009

Vendors Under Pressure for Intelligent Firewalls

So far, vendors have been slow to deliver intelligent firewalls.

Codenomicon Visualizes Network Traffic

The Codenomicon Network Analyzer gives testers a clear picture of actual network traffic.

Internode to Offer Consumers IPv6 This Year

Offering production IPv6 services to consumers makes this a first by a large ISP.

PT Launches System for Remote IP Monitoring

The IPnexus EMS system is a stand-alone, turn-key carrier grade device that includes all the hardware and software.

Worldwide Enterprise Network Infrastructure 2010-2014 Forecast

Networks seem to always gets bigger with new technologies meaning continual upgrades. So what lies ahead for network infrastructure?

Relieve Mobile Congestion with Network Edge Intelligence

Growth in data flow is causing significant congestion that is threatening network performance and degrading service.

 Achieving Data Privacy in a Mobile Environment

Facing new security challenges and IT complexity, organizations must rethink security to focus on their data and not their network.

Force10 to Power 43-Story Network Infrastructure

The Energy, a 43-story office building in Indonesia will use TeraScale core switch/routers and S-Series access switches.

Qwest, IBM Offer Enterprise Network Security to SMBs

Qwest and IBM will extend two new managed security offerings to the SMB segment.

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