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Wireless Expense Management: Controlling the Invasion of Personal Cell Phones

This is all about bringing down the cost of mobile computing and wireless networking.

Attackers Can Tunnel into Networks with IPv6

As IPv6 adoption continues to increase, security issues are a concern.

Fluke Networks Offers Free Switch Port Monitor

Switch Port Monitor is a free network monitoring software utility that provides visibility into network switches.

An Elastic Approach to Managing Data

As the amount of data that needs to be managed continues to grow, it becomes more than just a storage issue.

Meru Wi-Fi Management Offers Diagnostic, Security Features

Meru has added new features to its enterprise Wi-Fi diagnostics, monitoring and security software.

Open vSwitch's New Virtual Networking Switch

Open vSwitch supports multiple hypervisors and the Xen cloud platform.

BoxTone Offers Enterprise Mobile Management

The company has announced new mobile management software devices and mobile networks within an enterprise.

Securing Mobile VPN Access

Mobile workers need a secure VPN when they connect to wireless hotspots.

Network Instruments Offers Network Management, Monitoring

The new Observer Infrastructure product performs infrastructure and resource monitoring tasks in enterprise IT environments.

Ethernet Switch, Router Markets See Growth

Driven by virtualization, cloud computing, and VoIP, the Ethernet switch and router markets saw strong growth in the first quarter.

Optimizing the Performance of Web Applications - Direction for Improvement

This study will provide multiple guidelines for companies looking to improve and optimize the performance of their web application through monitoring solutions, bandwidth management solutions, and application performance management solutions

Fortinet Introduces New Enterprise UTM Appliances

The company's new FortiGate Series delivers up to 120-Gbps firewall throughput, IPS, and application security.

Meru Service Platform Offers WLAN Optimization

The Meru Service Assurance Platform is designed to deliver an integrated suite of diagnostic, security and management tools.

Manage Security Risks With Continuous Network Monitoring

Expected legislative reforms are elevating the importance of continuous monitoring of government networks.

Observer Infrastructure: Adding the Device Performance Perspective

Explore a performance management solution that compliments pack-oriented network and application performance monitoring products. From Jim Frey of Enterprise Management Associates.

The Changing Face of the Enterprise Network

Enterprise infrastructures were pretty well-defined, but not when servers, storage and networking are merging.

Infoblox Unveils Dedicated IF-MAP Server Appliance

The Infoblox OS1 Orchestration Server automatically aggregates, correlates and distributes data to and from different IP connected systems.

The Virtualization of UTM in Firewall Security

Unified Threat Management (UTM) started as the integration of security functions but is now virtualized in firewalls.

Vitesse Announces Green Gigabit Ethernet Switches

The company has introduced its new SparX-III family of green-enabled Ethernet SMB and Enterprise switching equipment.

Will Mobile Operators Take to SIP?

SIP trunking has become a hot topic but mobile operators have said very little.

Siemens Enterprise Communications and Polycom Provide Value Through Video-Enabled Unified Communications

Based on unified communications and video research conducted over the past 12 months, Aberdeen has studied the correlation between video, Unified Communications, and business value.

Improve Your Legacy Networks with Policy Management

Implementing network policy management at an edge port level can help fix your legacy patchwork network problems.

NetCracker to Expand Offerings to Non-Telecom Providers

The company plans to offer its efficient networks services to to non-telecom entities.

Brocade Earnings Report Just Average

Breaking it down, the SAN (Fibre Channel) business accounted for 56 percent of the company’s total revenues and and Ethernet accounted for 26 percent.

Network Design Templates For Layer-0 Design

Proper Network Design Templates are one of the pillars of a written network architecture.

Oracle To Acquire Secerno and its DataWall Firewall

The Secerno DataWall firewall appliance protects Oracle and other database systems.

Using CACE Pilot as a Network Security Tool

Protocol analyzers capture, decode, and evaluate traffic flows and are also useful for security incident investigation.

Cisco Makes Optical Move with CoreOptics Acquisition

The company has made its first major optical move in years with plans to acquire CoreOptics.

WAN Managers Lack Control Over SaaS Performance

No single provider runs the entire pipe between a SaaS provider and the enterprise, leaving WAN managers with little control.

How Virtualization May Change Enterprise Networking

The network itself may be unable to meet the demands of a fully virtualized data center.

Coraid Announces EtherDrive Z-Series NAS Appliances

The EtherDrive Z-Series combines the ZFS open source file system with Coraid’s Ethernet SAN technology.

How Secure is Your Network Intrusion Detection System?

A Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) offers more than just basic network security.

Cisco Acquires Tandberg

A Marriage of Best-in-Class Enabling Technologies in Telecom and Networking

TrendChip Introduces Energy-Saving Broadband Switch Chip

The new Ethernet switch chip offers four automatic energy-saving 10/100M Ethernet ports.

Upgrading Your Storage-Area Network to 8 Gbp Fiber Channel

Fabric upgrades are often an incremental exercise.

Reasons to Prevent SAN Fragmentation

Storage Area Networks technology is advanced, but fragmentation impacts SAN performance

Cloud Creating a Smarter Planet

IBM offers a private development and test cloud option for those of you who want the benefits of cloud but need enhanced security.

IP Infusion Announces ZebOS Network Platform 7.8

New features include support for Data Center Bridging (DCB).

Juniper Improves Data Center Networks

New switches and routers boost data center network performance.

Sonus Announces NBS-5200 Network Border Switch

The NBS-5200 is the first product on the company's next generation ConnexIP platform.

Comcast Signs IPv6 Customer

The company has announced its first corporate customer using its new native dual-stack service, which supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

Fortinet Announces Enterprise UTM Appliances

The company ahs announced two new multi-threat UTM appliances with advanced firewall and intrusion prevention systems.

Certeon, Mosaic Partner on Data Center WAN Optimization

The two companies are partnering to offer virtualized WAN optimization solutions for storage and disaster recovery environments.

Dell Offers Emulex iSCSI and FCoE Across PowerEdge Servers

Integration of Emulex solutions makes Ethernet-based network convergence easy for Dell customers.

Unified Communications: Unleashing Transformation, Efficiency, Collaboration, and Compliance

Aberdeen Group surveyed 184 organizations in more than 28 countries around the world about Unified Communications.

WAN Optimization 2010 Annual Report

Aberdeen Group takes a look at the best way to optimize a WAN

PowerTech Releases New Version of NAC Software for Power Systems

Network Security 6.0 offers a number of new features including user-defined rules based on a user profile or IP address.

Concorde Acquires Control Key's PCI Compliance, Firewall Security

The acquisition will enable Concorde to offer a greater range of IT security services to its client base.

Infineta Unveils Networking Dedupe

The Velocity Dedupe Engine is described as a parallel data reduction technology for 10 Gigabit SAN replication.

NetApp to Ride Virtualization Wave

The company is betting on customers wanting to deploy virtual storage or move to cloud providers.

SNMP Monitoring: One Critical Component to Network Management

Learn how SNMP works, the advantages of SNMP monitoring and how SNMP continues to remain a critical component to network analysis.

Network Devices or Virtual Appliances for Branch Offices?

In the networking industry there is an interesting debate over which will prevail in branch office networks -- networking devices or virtual appliances.

GE Offers Gigabit Ethernet Switch With Failsafe Operation

The company has announced the new NETernity CP921RC-30x 6U CompactPCI 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switch.

Symantec Launches Hosted Endpoint Security

The new hosted service secures PCs and servers with antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and HIPS.

Codima Announces Integrated Network Management Technology

The company introduced five new task based toolboxes with common reports system, alarm system, GUI and methodology.

WLAN Performance Issues in Wireless Enterprise

Many networking pros believe WLANs will eventually surpass wired as the primary means of enterprise connectivity.

Citrix: From Bare-Metal to Pay-As-You-Go

Citrix announces a new products and pay-as-you-go pricing model for its NetScaler application.

FCoE and converged networks: Moving from the storage edge toward improved TCO

As you are looking around your data center today-where is the complexity in your communications infrastructure?

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor V.10 Released

New features of Orion Network Performance Monitor include automated topology mapping.

Broadband, Network Router Providers Failing in IPv6 Support

Currently, only a small number of broadband service providers and router manufacturers are ready for IPv6.

VPN and Other Choices for Remote Network Access

There are a number of solutions to provide remote workers with secure access to systems and information.

The Benefits to Using Firewall Audit Tools

Firewall audit tools can boost network performance, reduce downtime, and improve security.

Recovering with Telecom Lifecycle Management: Transforming Communications for Top-Line Growth in 2010

This Aberdeen report covers the many aspects of networking.

Verizon Offers SaaS Network Security Service

Verizon Business is launching a new cloud-based security service for public and private IP customers.

Virtualization and Network Security

Virtualization offers many benefits, but don't overlook the network security ramifications a virtualized environment.

CradlePoint Paired with Sprint 4G Creates Instant Business Access

The company says its outer and mobile broadband adapter, paired with Sprint 4G creates instant business continuity.

EMC to Offer 10Gbit Ethernet Brocade, Cisco Switches

The company is expected to supply a converged network product set, featuring Ethernet products from Brocade and Cisco.

Our Cloud Definition (What is Yours?)

To help take the fog out of cloud computing, we here at IDC Government Insights have spent a lot of time surveying, debating, analyzing and ultimately reworking our basic definition of what cloud means.

IT and Telecom Convergence in the Enterprise

Network transformation can improve business processes, innovation and collaboration for enterprise customers.

Network Management Tools for Monitoring Your Cloud

This enterprise cloud test puts cloud-based monitoring tools to the test.

Palo Alto Offers Enterprise Facebook Firewalls

Palo Alto Networks is offering customers new functionality that enables enterprises to control Facebook Social Plug-ins

Unified Communications Demand Thorough Network Testing

Everyone agrees networking testing is important, but when it comes to enhancing performance, Unified Communications services demand the most meticulous monitoring.

Addressing the IP Address Shortages with NAT

NAT is of interest to small businesses, and also in countries where there are fewer addresses allocated per capita.

Deploying Probes and Analyzers in an Enterprise Environment

You need visibility into every corner of the network, from the edge to the core. Read examples of how to plan and implement a monitoring/analysis infrastructure based on distributed probes.

Blade Announces New RackSwitch with Lossless CEE

The new RackSwitch G8124 offers lossless CEE enhancements and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) at no extra charge.

NetEx Adopts Subscription Pricing for WAN Optimizer

Subscription-based pricing is intended to make it more affordable to mitigate bandwidth restrictions, network congestion, and latency.

Lanamark Releases Asset Discovery Tool for Enterprise Projects

Lanamark Suite Express Edition lets enterprises gather IT asset inventory from up to 50,000 systems, search physical and virtual machines, and generate management reports.

Comcast Rolls Out High-Speed 2go with 3G-only Wireless

The company is adding a nationwide 3G-only wireless service for customers who prefer coast-to-coast mobile Internet access.

Will There Be a Black Market for IPv4 Addresses?

According to one report, economists have been predicting the emergence of a black market for IPv4 addresses for some time.

Aruba Announces Fingerprinting Tech for Optimizing BlackBerry

The technology optimizes voice over Wi-Fi calling with Research In Motion's Mobile Voice System 5.

Cisco CleanAir Enhances Wi-Fi 802.11n APs

Cisco's access points (AP)s are capable of identifying, classifying, locating and mitigating around interfering signals within an enterprise with the solution embedded in to the ASIC.

Testing WAN Optimization with Riverbed RiOS 6

Depending on the WAN link, RiOS 6 can cut transfer times from hours to minutes and minutes to seconds.

Is FCoE a Myth?

FCoE is literally Fibre Channel running on top of enhanced Ethernet, so both protocols need to be managed. This may reduce expected management savings.

Dax Launches New Ethernet Switches

The company's new DX-509MG Series is designed for small business and campus networks.

Infoblox, Netcordia Integrate Networking Solutions

The recent acquisition of Netcordia by Infoblox will improve network automation in the data center.

Can the 'Future Internet' be Influenced?

Mechanisms such as IPV6 and policies like net neutrality can change the future Internet.

Different Strokes: Multi-Site Wireless LANs in Higher Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail

This Sector Insight provides a first look into how the pressures these specific industry sectors identify differ, and how this affects the strategies they choose in response.

Check Point Offers SMB Gigabit Firewall Performance

The company announced new UTM-1 Edge N and Safe@Office N appliances starting at $750.

Great Linux-Based Routers For Home Office or Enterprise

This LinuxPlanet report details eight of the most popular open source or Linux-based router projects.

NAC Standard Emerges as NEA

A new IETF standard for NAC, dubbed Network Endpoint Assessment, is set to change multi-vendor interoperability and standards.

Intel Labs Create Routers Using Clustered Servers

Router bricks, or 'reused servers' are fully programmable and extensible in that they evolve networks via software upgrade.

WiMax: Always Just Over the Horizon for Gov Networks

Signals from a Wi-fi system only reach a few hundred feet. In contrast, a WiMax signal reaches for a few miles.

Virtual Instruments Announces 10G Traffic Access Point

SANInsight helps accelerate SAN problem diagnosis and virtual infrastructure performance.

HP Updates Network Node Manager Software

The new release offers better performance management and virtualization support.

Reconfiguring Networks For IPv6

The push is on for providers to reconfigure networks to support IPv6.

Application and Network Performance Monitoring in a Virtualized Environment

Accessing and analyzing network traffic to, from, and between virtual machines—even within a single host.

Synapse, Silicon Announce Wireless Mesh Networking Solution

The two companies combine Synapse SNAP and the Si1000 wireless microcontroller in to one software/hardware solution.

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