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New Network Design Could Greatly Increase Internet Speeds

A group of MIT researchers have demonstrated a new way of organizing optical networks that could make the Internet 100 or even 1,000 times faster while reducing the amount of energy it consumes.

Pareto Unveils Cloud-Based Distributed Networking Solution

The solution accelerates and simplifies distributed network deployment and operations.

Understanding Network Monitoring Reports

Admins have a lot have to do in order to decipher network monitoring reports.

Riverbed Delivers LAN-Like Performance for Branch Users

The company has announced its new WAN Optimization and Secure Web Gateway solution.

ARIN Guide to Being IPV6-Ready

The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) actively educates and informs about issues facing the Internet community. Currently it is focusing on the depletion of IPv4 address space.

HP Enhances Data Center Networking Fabric

New security enhancements to HP FlexFabric help prevent network breaches in physical and virtual environments.

Gigamon Announces Bypass Switch for Improved Network Uptime

The company claims its bypass tap offers non-intrusive access for network appliance security and monitoring.

Sagemcom Joins the Cisco Developer Network

The company's Fax over IP (FoIP) solution has also successfully completed interoperability testing with the Cisco Application eXtension Platform (AXP).

Emulex UCNAs Qualified with Cisco Unified Fabric Switches

OneConnect UCNAs have been selected for 10Gb/s FCoE connectivity for the Cisco Unified Computing platform.

Smaller IT Departments Look to Storage Area Networks

Historically, storage area network (SAN) technology has been high-priced, but now it is affordable for all but the smallest of IT shops.

ICANN Approves Chinese Language Top-Level Domains

ICANN approval will allow Web site operators to register domain names written entirely in Chinese characters.

Dot Hill Announces New Storage Networking Patents

The recently granted patents covers technology that improves reliability and usability for storage controllers.

HowTo: Virtual Switch Tagging For vSphere VLANs

Learn how to configure your switch for Virtual Switch Tagging (VST).

Cisco Offers Enterprise Network Security Survey Details

Cisco's survey explores the security implications of social networking and the use of personal devices in the enterprise.

Altor V4 Offers Network Security in Virtualized Environments

Altor V4 secures virtual server to virtual server network traffic within the data center.

XO Communications Enhances Ethernet Wide Area Networking

The company has announced its nationwide launch of XO Ethernet VPLS.

Senators Debate FCC Broadband Plans

The focus was on the Universal Service Fund and the need to divert money away from telephone service and toward broadband access.

Trustwave Buys Application Firewall Vendor

The company has expanded its security portfolio with the acquisition of Breach Security.

Blade Delivers Fast Multicast 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

The company's RackSwitch 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch delivers Multicast protocols at sub-700 nanosecond port-to-port latency.

QLogic Announces FCoE Port Technology for HP

The new Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) ASIC is used for HP's industry-leading BladeSystem platform.

Cisco Claims to Meet 802.3ba Standard

The company says its 100G Ethernet router is compliant with the IEEE 802.3ba standard.

Voltaire Offers New Low-Latency Layer 2/3 Switch

The Voltaire Vantage 6024 switch is optimized for virtualized data centers and cloud computing environments.

SwiftTest Announces New Network Storage Testing Device

The SwiftTest 5000 supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet traffic and offers one 1GE management port.

Gartner Says Spend Smarter, Not More, on Security

Research firm Gartner says that Instead of considering the ROI on security expenditures, companies should consider them just the cost of doing business. And when it comes to managing expensive security solutions? "Leverage the free stuff," by taking advantage of built-in features plenty of enterprise hardware ships with.

Apple vs. Microsoft: Patch Management Polar Opposites

Say what you will about Microsoft's track record, and take or leave Patch Tuesday, but one way the company sets itself apart from Apple is in its relative transparency. ServerWatch columnist Paul Rubens argues that Apple's approach: Slip the fix in while nobody's looking, does nothing but burnish Apple's image at the expense of its customers, who might not even know there was a vulnerability in need of repair.

Red Hat Focuses on Partnerships With Q1 Earnings Ahead

2011 is already looking to be a good year for enterprise Linux vendor Red Hat, which is looking forward to a new release of its flagship product, new customer tools, and a profitable partnership with Cisco, which allows its Unified Computing System (UCS) to be deployed on Red Hat's wares.

Open-Source Network Security Options

Free and open-source software (FOSS) offers firewalls, routers, VPNs, amd UTMs for nearly every network security need.

RICOM Unveils Converged Network Program

The program supports the need for converged network adapters in virtualized server environments.

Brocade DCX-4S Backbone Earns Best of Tech-Ed 2010 Award

The Brocade DCX-4S Backbone was named as a winner in the hardware and storage category.

D-Link Updates DIR-685 Router Firmware

New features include support for enhanced media compatibility.

QoS Classification and Trust Boundaries

Trust boundaries are a critical element of the classification strategy of a QoS design.

Mobile Active to Beta Policy-Based Network Control Software

Mobile Application Development Partners (MAD) claims its solution will secure and manage mobile devices in the enterprise.

SIP Trunking Failure, and Recovery Options

When SIP trunks fail, a disaster recovery plan to gain alternative and diverse routing is needed.

SingTel Uses ADVA for Metropolitan Optical Network

SingTel has appointed ADVA Optical Networking as a vendor for its high-speed managed metropolitan optical network service.

D-Link Announces Fast 802.11n Wi-Fi Router

D-Link is now shipping the D-Link Xtreme N 450 Gigabit Router (DIR-665), its first 802.11n Wi-Fi router with 3x3 MIMO technology.

Juniper Offers Mobile Enterprise Security Platform

Junos Pulse lets enterprise IT staff enforce consistent endpoint security policies.

Emulex Leads the FCoE Network Adapter Market

Company leads the FCoE CNA market with 56 percent market share, according to Infonetics.

Enterasys Offers Data Center Networking Strategy

The company takes on Cisco, Brocade, Juniper with its latest S-Series switch announcement.

Storage Network Equipment Market Forecast to Hit $6.5 Billion

Infonetics Research has forcast a SAN switch and adapter of $6.5 billion market in 2014.

Alcatel Announces First 100Gbit/s Switch

Alcatel-Lucent says it has the first commercially available 100 gigabit per second switching platform.

Why Wireless Networks Need a Lock-Down

If you have a wireless router then problems such as War Driving and liability are worth securing against.

GarrettCom Offers Shock-Absorbing Ethernet Switch

The industrial-grade Magnum Switches product line is purpose-built to withstand shock and vibration in harsh mobile environments.

APconnections Suggests Hidden WAN Optimization Expenses

New white paper looks at the hidden expenses associated with bandwidth control technologies.

Cloud Dominance May Constrict the Internet's Openness

The 'Future of the Internet' survey suggests concerns that cloud dominance by a small number of large firms may constrict the Internet's openness and its capacity to inspire innovation.

Nexaira Router Will Deploy NxGen Carrier Class Management

NxGen will use Nexaira's Business Class Router to deploy its carrier class management platform.

Brocade Announces Unified Network Architecture

The new Brocade One architecture offers solutions in support of converged fabrics and Ethernet networking.

Cloud NAS Startup ParaScale Downsizes

The company fails in its attempt to raise the series-B round of financing.

Riverbed Accelerates WAN Performance for Windchill

Riverbed WAN optimization accelerates the performance of PTC Windchill over the WAN.

Essential Network Router Features For Business

There are certain basic features that every small business router should support -- and that you should look for when buying a router for your small business network.

WiTopia VPN Provides SSL and PPTP Tunnels

WiTopia provides a a secure connection from your computer to a VPN gateway in the cloud.

Cisco Targets Small Business with Network Storage

The company's latest storage offering is aimed at small businesses with a hundred employees or less.

Mixing Network Zones in the Data Center

A balanced approach that offers a mixture of high- and low-density zones can provide the most efficiency in a data center.

Virtela Speeds Up Network Cloud Applications

The new service virtualizes acceleration devices within the network cloud.

Infinera, NTT Demo 100 Gigabit Ethernet at Interop

Infinera has successfully completed a demonstration of 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) transmission with NTT Communications over a live network.

A Protocol Analysis of a UNIX Network

This article provides a detailed analysis of the protocols in use on your UNIX network.

HP Updates Network Gear for SMBs

HP recently updated a number of storage and networking products for small and mid-sized businesses.

Quest Software Lowers Network Management Costs

The company claims its enterprise Foglight NMS tool reduces the cost and complexity of multiple monitoring and management tools.

AMI Enhances Network Storage Software with RAID-RT

American Megatrends (AMI) has added RAID-RT to its StorTrends iTX network storage software.

WAN Optimization For Replicating Traffic Over Distance

Replicating data over distance is a mission critical requirement for companies that can be accelerated with WAN optimization.

Microsoft Plans Windows Phone 7 Enterprise Push

The mobile enterprise is outlined in Microsoft's WP7 strategy.

New at Aruba: Market Share and Access Points

The company says its enterprise 802.11n wireless LAN market share increased, up by 21 percent.

Fibre Channel Switch Market Post Mixed Results

A shift to more expensive modular switches was a key driver of the switch revenue increase.

Network Management Tips: Reduce Complexity

Network management is not a simple task. These tips can help you to reduce network complexity.

A Buyer's Guide to 802.11n Routers

This guide offers tips and advice on just about everything you need to know before choosing a 802.11n router for home or SMB networking.

Kerio Control Now Offers Network Security Management

The new UTM appliance and security software will features new management options.

Next-Gen Firewalls: Control Apps and Protect Networks

Managing applications is a network security task best left to the firewall.

Google Wants to Patent Wi-Fi Snoop Technology

Court documents indicate Google wants to patent its new sniffing technology.

IPv6 Forum Announces IPv6 SIP Ready Program

The IPv6 Forum has released the test suite of the SIP protocol for validation and issuance of the SIPv6 Logo.

SonicWALL To Be Acquired By Investor Group

SonicWALL has agreed to be acquired by an investor group led by Thoma Bravo in a deal worth around $717 million.

Using DNSSEC for Baseline Internet security

DNS Security Extensions allow the use of digital signatures to ensure that responses to DNS queries have not been spoofed or otherwise tampered with.

Symantec Offers Free Malware Block DNS Service

Symantec's free DNS service blocks known malware and phishing websites.

Is Your Router Password Slowing Down Your Wi-Fi?

If everything seems to be working fine, perhaps your type of password is causing a slow-down.

Accommodate Increasing Networking Needs

The key to accommodating future network capacity needs is to have a scalable infrastructure already in place.

TeamF1 Powers Netgear WAN Gigabit VPN Firewall Gateway

TeamF1 software provides a number of network security features for the new device.

Telx Ethernet Exchange Extends Network Reach

The company's new solution helps service providers and enterprises to interconnect Ethernet networks.

New Ways to Use WAN Optimization

WAN optimization can also provide better application performance.

Nirvanix CloudNAS Provides Storage Delivery Network

The company's CloudNAS software urns any Linux or Windows server into a gateway to the Storage Delivery Network.

Force10 Offers Virtualization-Friendly Ethernet Switch

The S60 is designed to handle virtualized server network traffic.

Managing Virtual Network Switch Problems

Virtual network switch problems can be addressed with a number of solutions, including 'network edge' virtualization.

HP Pushes Networking for Small Businesses

By partnering with with Microsoft, HP is targeting budget-minded IT buyers in the SMB space.

Tips to Boost Network Performance

Tracking and cracking network performance problems is no easy task, but these 10 tips can lead to significant performance gains.

New Report Questions IPv4 Exhaustion

A study by cloud security firm Zscaler claims much of the internet remains untouched.

Managing Endpoint Security for Mobile Devices

Introducing smartphones, netbooks or newer technologies to the enterprise can pose security issues.

Vitesse Expands SparX-III Ethernet Switch Family

Vitesse offers new expansions for green enterprise and SMB/SME applications.

Atheros 802.11n Router Supports Demanding Multimedia Apps

The new XSPAN 3-stream 802.11n router is suited for home and enterprise WLANs.

EMC Unveils Private Cloud Networking Strategy

The company's new networking strategy includes Cisco and Brocade partnerships.

Brocade Increases Ports on Fibre Channel Backbone Switch

The company says it has increased the number of ports per blade for its flagship DCX backbone switch.

Locator ID Separation Protocol: The LISP Protocol Defined

LISP, an acronym for Locator ID Separation Protocol, is a new standard for routing under discussion at the IETF.

Using OpenNetAdmin to Track IP Network Attributes

Once the appropriate data has been entered into the system you can manage an enterprise-wide DNS and DHCP infrastructure or localized services.

Securing The Corporate Network

When the corporate network is compromised it can bring business to a screeching halt.

Microsoft CEO on Cloud Computing and Enterprise IT

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer highlighted the impact that cloud computing will have on enterprise IT in a recent keynote.

Use DD-WRT to Create a VPN Server

One way to quickly setup a simple VPN server is to load DD-WRT onto your router, if it's compatible.

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