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Bluesocket Announces VMware Ready Wireless LAN

The company claims its solution provides virtualized control and management capabilities for wireless VMware deployments.

Defending The Good Old Network Architecture

Newer, faster networking components allow network designs to deviate from the tried and true.

Juniper Networks to Expand in Middle East Region

Juniper wants to increase its presence in the Middle East region -- one of the top 10 growth centers for any industry.

TDAzlan Extends QLogic Enterprise Storage Networking

The company has signed an agreement with QLogic to distribute the company's Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand storage networking solutions.

ANXeBusiness Acquires TruArx

The networking and security managed service provider has acquired TruArx IT governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions.

Windows Azure Platform Appliance Coming This Fall

The Windows Azure Platform Appliance will mirror the cloud service that Microsoft launched earlier this year.

Network Backup Now Offers User-Configured System

The company claims its network backup system lets you configure an online backup exactly the way you want it.

15 Percent of SMBs Have no Firewall

A new study by Panda Security finds that small businesses lack industry standard protection methods.

Vyatta Software Firewall Is IPv6 Certified

Vyatta has released a new IPv6 Certified version of its software-based router and firewall solution.

Extreme Networks Advances Direct-Attach Data Center Architecture

Direct Attach reduces network switching tiers by eliminating the virtual switch tier to simplify virtualized network management.

A Crash Course in SSL VPN

Sophisticated SSL VPN products can provide nearly all the functionality of an IPSec VPN.

Edgewater Announces New Network Services Gateways

The EdgeMarc 4550 Series Network Services Gateways offer SIP trunking, hosted PBX and other managed services.

Making Enterprise Firewalls Smarter

Legacy firewalls are no longer effective in today's enterprise.

SonicWALL Offers Secure APs for Distributed Wireless Networks

The company has announced two new secure wireless access points to its SonicPoint Series – the SonicPoint-Ni and SonicPoint-Ne.

IDC Announces Quarterly Enterprise Networks Tracker

IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Networks Tracker found year-over-year revenue growth in the Ethernet switching and Ethernet routing markets.

NEC Offers Mobile Client for Enterprise Networks

Smart Mobile Client is a solution for Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) that extends the functionality and capabilities of NEC Unified Solutions.

Virtual WAN Optimization in Diverse Networks

WAN Optimization has moved to a tightly integrated "virtual WAN Optimization solution" to meet the needs of a mobile and remote workforce.

D-Link Announces New 3G Mobile Wireless Router

The D-Link DIR-412 allows users to access a worldwide broadband connection through a secure 802.11n Wi-Fi network.

Network Management Investments

For companies looking to gain network management efficiencies these five tips can help IT allocate time and resources.

Advantech, NetLogic Announce 40Gbps AdvancedTCA Platform

The ATCA-7410 supports the new 40-Gbps ATCA standards and is targeted at LTE enhanced packet core gateways, service routers, metro ethernet, and network security platforms.

How To Guide: Allow TCP and UDP Port 53 to DNS Servers

This how-to guide offers instruction for allowing firewalls for forward both TCP and UDP port 53 packets.

LogMatrix Offers NerveCenter Free Trial

NerveCenter is a network management solution for large enterprises.

New BitDefender Security Offers Network Management

Total Security 2011 includes antivirus, firewall and network management tools.

Tips for Deploying IPv6

This guide offers tips to help your organization migrate to IPv6.

Inefficiencies in Network Management

Network management varies according to the environment.

MRV Releases New Version of Pro-Vision

The updated software allows admins to provision Ethernet services through improved performance monitoring.

Appliances, SaaS to Lead Enterprise Security Software Market

A new Gartner report indicates that on-premises, licensed software is giving way to technologies like the cloud and dedicated appliances.

Dell to Market Aruba Networks' WLAN Products

Dell plans to market and support Aruba's wireless management products for mid-size and small enterprises.

IPv6: Lessons Learned From the Navy

The Navy is ahead of the game as the Defense Department converts to the IP Version 6 (IPv6) protocol.

Net Neutrality: An Opposing View

Reasons against putting tollbooths on the information superhighway.

Zenoss: An Enterprise-Ready Network Monitoring Tool

With a web-based interface, Zenoss lets network admins keep constant watch on network hardware.

Spiceworks 5.0 Beta Offers New Network Management Features

Admins will find the new version has new network management capabilities and a centralized help desk to manage service requests.

FaceTime Offers SaaS Version of Unified Security Gateway

Socialite technology provides controls for what can and cannot be posted on social media sites.

SolarWinds Integrates with Cisco Network Management

The company has upgraded its Orion IP SLA Manager and NetFlow Traffic Analyzer for better integration with Cisco solutions.

Xtera Launches new FlowOS IP Traffic Management

The new FlowOS 3.4 offers cost-effective WAN traffic management with complete control of IP traffic flows.

Exar Optimizes 2xGbE Transport

The company announces an optimized Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Mapper for access and transport applications.

IBM Named Market Leader for Managed Security Services

IBM was named by Frost & Sullivan as the 2010 North American Market Leader for Managed Security Services.

Silver Peak Announces New WAN Optimization Appliances

New hardware variants of the NX-8000 and NX-9000 appliances maximize WAN optimization performance.

Talari Networks Secures $10M in Financing

Led by Silver Creek Venture Partners, Talari Networks has raised $10 million in a second round of institutional funding.

Tektronix Buys DPI Vendor Arbor Networks

Tektronix has an agreement to buy Arbor Networks, the security and deep packet inspection (DPI) vendor.

Translattice Boosts Mobile Enterprise Infrastructure

The company offers a new approach to delivering applications with consistently high availability to global and mobile workers.

Small Business Network Setup Guide

Things to keep in mind to get your small business network right the first time.

Check Point Announces Multi-Domain Management Software Blades

The software blades deliver virtual security management to businesses of all sizes.

Array Networks Announces Enterprise Customer Milestone

The company claims it has successfully deployed its secure application delivery solution to more than 5,000 enterprise customers.

Cloudbursting Provides Extra Computing Power

Cloudbursting can help companies handle brief but massive traffic spikes.

Securing Mobile Apple Devices on the Network

IT departments now have more options to secure and manage iPhones and other Apple devices.

VeriSign Offers Cloud DNS Management Service

VeriSign Managed DNS lets companies move their Domain Name System management infrastructure to a cloud-based environment.

Kratos Announces Free Network Management Gadget

The LaunchPAD desktop tool provides access to commonly used network management programs from a single location.

Network Neutrality and Wireless Networks

Data prioritization seems necessary to keep service quality at its currently state.

Resolving Mobile Broadband Network Congestion

A new white paper discusses the importance of mobile traffic management.

SolarWinds Offers Distributed Network Monitoring Capabilities

The company has announced new updates to its Orion IP SLA Manager and Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer modules.

Athena Announces Firewall Configuration Debugger

The Configuration Debugger can be used by network engineers for offline troubleshooting of service availability.

SonicWALL Firmware and Firewall Platforms Certified for IPv6

SonicOS 5.5.1 for the company's Network Security Appliance (NSA) firewall platform has successfully completed Phase One and Phase Two of testing.

Tips for Protecting Your Network

Vendor-managed solutions can leave some systems unpatchable.

Fortinet Offers Enterprise Web App Firewall

The ForitWeb 3000C is a combination Web application and XML firewall that can handle up to 40,000 transactions per second.

Sourcefire Intrusion Prevention System Integrates with Citrix

The Sourcefire IPSTM now offers real-time awareness of network applications for configuring Citrix NetScaler load balancing.

IPv6 Feels Like a Hollywood Disaster Flick

Another thing happened in 1998 besides Deep Impact and Armageddon: the publishing of RFC 2460 by the Internet Engineering Task Force.

GL Enhances PacketScanWeb Software

The company has upgraded its real time network monitoring for VoIP networks.

Tektronix Supports Active Network Monitoring

By acquiring Arbor Networks the company is able to add deep packet inspection (DPI) capabilities to network monitoring.

The State of Wireless Network Security

According to one industry researcher most airports use Open Wi-Fi and are prime targets for Wi-Fi-based attacks.

The Shift from WiMAX to LTE

Clearwire is testing LTE and Cisco reported that they will be exiting the WiMAX market. Will this be the death of WiMAX?

Gigamon Announces New Reseller Agreement

Fishnet Security can assist clients deploying, configuring and integrating Gigamon technology.

Will Cloud Computing Diminish IT Departments?

Cloud computing changes many things but end users will always need IT resources to do their jobs.

Five Data Storage Trends to Watch

The way that organizations store and secure their data is undergoing a major shift, from physical servers with networked storage to virtualized servers and clouds. Download this Internet.com eBook to see how technologies like deduplication, virtualization, and cloud computing are changing the storage game and affect the best practices for data security, backup, recovery, and more.

Power Protection for Your Business: UPS and Beyond

Electricity is your data's lifeblood, and if the power fails and you don't have a plan in place, it's lights out for your bottom line. Learn how to save your data and PCs from power interruptions using technologies like uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).

Service Providers Spur Router Market Growth

Dell'Oro Group forecasts the service provider router market to reach $11.6 billion by 2014.

Network Neutrality Corporate Adversaries

Are the big players cooking up backroom deals?

Mirapoint Releases New Email Security Gateway Appliance

The company claims the new architecture stops 99 of 100 mail-borne threats before they propagate through the network.

ZyXEL Integrates Tuxera NTFS Into NAS, Router Products

Tuxera NTFS bridges ZyXEL's devices with external storage.

Juniper Switches Supports New Cloud Services

Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) has adopted Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches to support its newly developed cloud services.

Cloud-Based Security Not an On-Site Replacement

Network Box warns that cloud services should not replace your onsite security.

DISA Certifies Juniper Networks Routers and Switches

Newly certified are the EX3200 and EX4200 Ethernet Switches and MX240, MX480 and MX960 Universal Edge Routers.

Convergence In Data Center Networking Space

There is an evolution going on in and around the corporate network.

OpenDNS for Network Speed and Protection

OpenDNS can help protect your network and also speed up your online work.

Is it Time to Transform Your Data Center?

When it is time to consider data center transformation the signs are unmistakable.

HP SAN Expected to Accelerate FCoE Market

HP has added significant advances in streamlining the integration of FCoE in its blade servers.

Extreme Networks Appoints New CEO

The company says that Oscar Rodriguez has been appointed President and Chief Executive Officer.

Firewall Management: Evolution and Tools

Firewall vendors are falling short in terms of firewall management tools and functions.

Electricity Authority of Cyprus Deploys Fortinet Network Security

The Fortinet platform is now deployed as the backbone of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus' network infrastructure.

Check Point Secures Enterprise Web Applications

The new Application Control Software Blade enables organizations to secure and manage the use of thousands of Web 2.0 applications in the enterprise.

Data Center Innovations

These new products and technologies promise to solve real data center problems.

Entuity Network Management Solution Offers Flow Analysis

New features let admins pinpoint network overload and determine the cause.

Radio IP Launches Mobile VPN for Public Safety Market

Mult-IP offers simultaneous support for all major wireless network technologies.

SonicWALL Announces New SSL VPN Security Solutions

The new SonicWALL SRA 1200 is a new appliance tailored to SMB customers.

Windstream Expands Enterprise Managed Security

The company announced Windstream Managed Security for enterprise network protection.

Network Neutrality: The Debate Rages On

This article claims that understanding the networks will lead to a better understanding of the debate.

Review: SpiceWorks Network Monitoring Tool

This free network monitoring tool offers network management software, PC inventory tools, and IT reporting solutions.

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