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Insider Threats to the Corporate Network

IT administrators with privileged access to the network are often considered a risk.

Smartphones Present Network Security Challenges

Smartphone platforms are inherently insecure.

Network Security Requires a Layered Approach

A layered approach offers protection against failure by any components in any layer.

UMass Systems Office Improves Network With SecureVue

The University of Massachusetts Systems Office is setting up SecureVue from eIQnetworks for network functions.

White House Issues IPv6 Directive for Agencies

The directive requires all U.S. government agencies to support IPv6 in public-facing Web sites and services by Sept. 30, 2012.

Fortinet Ranked First in Worldwide UTM Revenue

IDC research ranks FortiGate as number one in network security appliances.

DELL Announces SMB Network Security Solutions

The portfolio integrates technology, products, security management tools and services.

AirWatch Releases Mobile Device Management 5.12

The new version lets network admins to secure, monitor and manage iPhone and iPod touch devices using iOS 4.

Communication Makes Networks Operate Better

Scientists have discovered that communication increases the efficiency of any network but only if the communication and subsequent action are immediate.

Juniper Networks Plans to Stimulate Innovation

The company is trying to cultivate a following of software developers writing applications for Juniper's routers, switches and security systems.

Impulse Point Announces Safe Connect 5.0 NAC Solution

The new version of its network access control (NAC) solution offers enhanced endpoint profiling device recognition.

BHI Launches Managed Firewall Solution

The company has deployed Fortinet appliances as part of its SecureConnect managed firewall.

Embvue Launches MILS Secure Ethernet Switch / Router

he company's new Isis line includes MILS end system Ethernet network stack, software-based secure switch and tool suite.

Linux Networking Guide

A guide to the most common Linux networking questions to help you understand how Linux handles the network.

Nortel Networks Sells Business Unit to Ericsson

The deal includes the switch business, an associated data packet network and the Shasta services edge router business.

Former Cisco Exec to Lead Dell Networking Division

Dell has hired former Cisco Systems Vice President of Network Management to head its own Networking Division.

FireScope Announces Dynamic Network Topology Mapping

The network topology mapping feature offers interactive network maps and event information.

Network Security Needs to Keep Up With Hackers

Norton says businesses need to do more to protect their networking infrastructure from attack.

Smith Micro Announces Unified Enterprise VPN Security Solution

The company claims its QuickLink Mobility solution offers enterprise connectivity and VPN security with seamless network roaming.

Network Security and End-User Rights

Studies show network security can be improved when limiting computers to administrative rights.

Norman Network Appliance Defends Against Stuxnet Variants

The company claims independent tests show Norman Network Protection (NNP) can improve network security up to 38 percent.

Stonesoft, Accuvant Tackle Enterprise Network Security Challenges

The companies have extended a technology partnership to better meet enterprise network security requirements.

HostVentures Launches IPv6 Network in Northern Virginia

The company has deployed its network to implement a seamless transition between IPv6 and IPv4.

Cypherbridge, Express Logic Partner for Network Security Apps

Express Logic has announced integration of the µSSL Security Stack from Cypherbridge.

FWT, Cellular Router Shipments Show Growth

New forecasts from ABI Research indicates mobile broadband routers will contribute the greatest increase in shipments.

Check Point Simplifies Cloud Security

The new Security Gateway Virtual Edition (VE) secures the cloud with the same security solutions available on physical networks.

Blade Network Announces Oracle Software Support

The company says its Ethernet switches support the latest release of Oracle VM server and Oracle Linux software.

Cirtas Combines WAN Optimization and Virtualized Storage for Cloud

The company has announced its Bluejet Cloud Storage Controllers that goes beyond opening a gateway to the cloud.

Finisar to Demonstrate Flexgrid WSS Technology

Finisar plans to show several new telecom network technologies at ECOC 2010.

Tips for Managing Smartphone Network Security

The reasons why network admins should treat all smartphones as uncontrolled endpoints.

Research: Hybrid SaaS Security Solutions

New research from Infonetics suggests that businesses are looking to hosted solutions for network security solutions.

This Week in HP News

The latest in Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) security and networking news.

Brocade Introduces Unified Network Management for SAN Control

The company has announced Brocade Network Advisor unified network management for SAN and IP networks.

Dell Announces New PowerConnect Networking Solution

The company has announced new small business networking, server and storage solutions.

MSI Unveils Pine Trail Board for Networking Applications

M-PV-N is a Pine Trail-based motherboard used for VPN, VoIP and NAS products.

Fluke Networks Announces New Network Forensics Tools

The company's new networking tools offer enhanced performance in the data center.

New HP Research Highlights Network Security Vulnerabilities

The report gives enterprise organizations visibility into attacks targeting applications and underlying networks.

Finisar Profit Drop After Network Tools Sale

The company sees profits decline after it sold its network tools business.

Spiceworks Network Management Software Offers Social Functions

Spiceworks' network management and help desk system shows what technology assets each employee works with.

Carriers Need to Make Network Management Decisions

By deciding on traffic techniques carriers can manage their customers experiences.

Juniper Protects Customers From New Microsoft Vulnerabilities

The company confirmed its Intrusion Detection and Prevention network security systems offer protection for the latest Microsoft vulnerabilities.

Untangle Announces New Servers with Firewall Software

The new line of Untangle servers come preloaded with Untangle 7.4, the latest version of the company's multi-functional firewall software.

Wi-Fi Networks: A Preferred Enterprise Connection

Wi-Fi networks are becoming the preferred way to connect in the enterprise.

Stick to Tiers or Flatten the Network?

The dominate three-tier network is being threatened as enterprises move toward virtualized infrastructures.

Secure Applications for Improved Network Security

Overlooking vulnerabilities within software can weaken network security.

Google Suggests a Better Data Center Network

Google has proposed methods for building energy-efficient data center networks.

How to Prepare For a Network Security Audit

These network security audit tips will help ensure that your network complies with industry regulations.

Aruba Offers Enterprise Wireless Network Solution

The company says it is determined to address enterprise wireless network needs at a fraction of the usual cost.

Energy Efficient Ethernet: IEEE 802.3az Defined

The 802.3az specification(Energy Efficient Ethernet) is set for final ratification.

Why SMB Cloud Options Can Be Risky

For SMBs the cost of cloud security is still high -- and hackers are turning to cloud computing as an easier, cheaper alternative to botnets.

Staying on Top of Networking Standards

New methods of routing packets over the Internet are increasing routing efficiency.

Scientists Create Geometric Atlas of the Internet

Computer scientists have created the first geometric 'atlas' of the Internet that compares compares routing to a hypothetical road.

49 Percent of European CIOs Want Network Consolidation

Brocade research suggests that businesses in Europe are looking to consolidate existing IT infrastructure.

Cisco Announces Virtual Security Gateway

The company expects its virtual appliance for the Nexus 1000V will be adopted by its Unified Computing System (UCS) users.

Wi-Fi Data Collection Still an Issue

Google has stopped collecting Wi-Fi data with its Street View cars -- but it and other companies are still collecting.

ManageEngine Launches Remote Network Software For Providers

The company has announced availability of its new agent–based remote network and systems management software.

Tuscaloosa City May Expand Wi-Fi Network

The Tuscaloosa City Council has discussed expanding Tide-Fi, its experimental public Wi-Fi network.

Does the Cloud Have a Point of Demarcation?

Old equipment in the wiring closet has been replaced with a new generation of customer premise equipment.

Scaling Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

Performance of IPS can be increased to keep up with developments on the bandwidth front.

Open Source Firewall and Router Projects

This guide offers details on four firewall/router projects from the open source community.

12 Network Antivirus Appliances

A round-up comparison of firewall appliances with built-in spam and virus protection.

Telispire Selects Nexaira Business Class II Router

The company claims it will rely on Nexaira's product to provide business continuity to its enterprise customers.

Frontier Announces Statewide Fiber Optic Network

Combining its own fiber infrastructure with newly purchased Verizon properties the company is offering services to the state of West Virginia.

Tips To Make VPN a Simple Connection for Users

VPN connections maintain security but often making the connection is not as simple as it should be for end-users.

Secure Hosts With Virtual Network Management

Altor and Juniper Networks have released results of a jointly conducted survey at the VMworld show floor, focusing on both physical and virtualization security concerns

Juniper Announces Open Cross Networking Solution

The new offering is designed to help customers deploy a common network management platform and operating system to reduce expenses.

Opnet Offers HD Application Management

The company's new integrated suite combines cross-domain monitoring with deep forensic analysis.

Cisco, Itron Alliance Offers Plenty of Buzzwords

Itron and Cisco plan to develop network software but details have been limited to buzzwords.

Adtran Offers New Managed Layer 3 Switching Solutions

The company claims its new solutions deliver greater bandwidth and feature enhancements to optimize network availability and productivity.

Netgear Launches New ProSecure Appliance

The company's new UTM appliance offers SSL and IPSec VPN, firewall, URL filtering, network antivirus, and anti-spam.

Misconfigured Networks Are Easy Targets

A survey of DEFCON conference attendees show that misconfigured networks are the easiest prey for most attackers.

8 Free VMware Virtual Appliances

From IP storage gateways to network firewall packages there are a number of free open source virtual appliances.

SolarWinds Launches Orion Failover Engine

Orion FoE monitors the health of Orion servers to ensure visibility into the performance of IT environment is never lost.

F5 Provides Cloudbursting Solution for Enterprises

Integration with VMware vCloud lets enterprises augment data centers with external cloud resources.

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