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IPv4 Exhaustion Predicted By Hurricane Electric

Companies warned of costly hindsight.

Private WiFi Secures HotSpots

VPN for the rest of us.

IPv6 Support Across Procera PRE Line

IPv6 support does not require hardware upgrades.

Rebuilding The Net On A Modern Foundation

Internet will be a qualitatively different place post-transition.

Vitesse Launches Tiger (VSC7480) Switch Engine

Product designed for cloud computing and gateway applications.

Flat Layer 2 Network Key to Future

New unified fabric data center relies on flat network.

Halo Firewall Provides Network Security in the Cloud

CloudPassage product provides customers with unified cloud-wide firewall policy management.

Network Time Protocol Ensures Precise Time Syncs

NTP necessary for Linux to connect to Windows domain.

Preparing For The New IPv6 Standard

10 tips for application developers on how to prepare.

Cisco Introduces Network Security Firewall

SMBs targeted by new products.

Development Pushes IPv6 in China

Chinese telecom operators have started to pilot IPv6.

IPv6 Supported across Procera PRE Line

No additional hardware is required for any of Procera's deployed units.

Protecting Networks From IPv6 Cyber Threats

Mandated transition to IPv6 by US government has agencies scrambling.

BlueCat Networks' IPAM Available On Cisco UCS Express

DDI software will be demonstrated at Cisco Live Europe.

Dr.Cerf Says Enough Talk: Time for IPv6 Action

Internet pioneer urges the switch to IPv6.

Network Vendors Join in World IPv6 Day

Cisco and Verizon to take part in 24-hour trial.

Internet IPcalypse Countdown

Hurricane Electric launches countdown tool.

Juniper Network Routing Solution Wins Security Certification

Over twenty solutions awarded certifications after rigorous testing.

Switch to IPv6 Now to Avoid Blackouts Later

Internet addresses are running out -- time to switch?

Canadian Network Architect Applauds Global IPv6 Day

BCNET expert supports test of IPv6.

Crossbeam Network Security Platform Top Choice

Demand for X-Series security platform continues to grow.

WhatsConnected 3.0 Enhances IT Management

Ipswitch tools save time and money.

Aerohive Acquires Pareto and Enhances Cloud Services

Pareto solution eliminates appliances typically deployed.

Exinda Manages Mobile Traffic on WAN

Exinda's WAN Optimization solutions significantly reduces bandwidth consumption.

SonicWALL a Magic Quadrant Visionary

Gartner places network security provider in "Visionaries" quadrant.

Yahoo Gets Vocal About IPv6 Migration

Yahoo concerned upgrade could shut out Internet users.

25 Years of Improving the Network

IETF is a uniquely different standards organization.

CERT warns of Rogue ITs

Beware red flags from privilege-laden IT employees.

Top Layer Protects Against Cyber Threats

10GbE intrusion prevention solution for high-performance, scalable protection released.

UK Behind in IPv6 Migration

UK is reported to be unprepared for IPv6. Some call it an embarrassing situation.

Agilent Offers Vector Network Analyzer Options

Analyzer offers RF NA and ZA options.

Free NIST IPv6 Guide Released

Guide to deploying the next generation Internet Protocol securely.

June 24 Designated World IPv6 Day

Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Akamai networks to test IPv6.

Westermo Router Chosen For SAM Well Manager Product

Lufkin Automation to use MRD-310 3G router in oil fields.

MegaPath Caters to SMB Network Security Needs

National reach provides significant benefits to organizations of any size.

DYXnet: A Popular Cross-Region IP VPN Service Provider

DYXnet aims at becoming the leading networking service provider in Mainland China.

Broadview Networks Leverages CNAM Communication Services

Improved experience observed with highly accurate caller ID service.

Internet Security Leader Completes NSS Labs Testing

Check Point excels in rigorous IPS testing.

Network Security Appliance Aimed at Smaller Companies

Blue Coat launches ProxyOne at firms of between 100 and 2000 users.

Payment Card Industry Impact on Network Security

Cisco sponsored survey gauges attitudes toward PCI.

Microsoft Hyper-V Management Solution Announced

5nine Hyper-V Commander launched by 5nine Software.

Research: Enterprise Network Security Needs Intensified

Global enterprise network and data security market value to exceed $10B by 2016.

Using VPN Explorer to Manage Converged Services Network

Broadview Networks will use VPN Explorer to manage their IP network.

Network Monitoring Vendor Added to Networking Portfolio

Computerlinks strengthens networking portfolio by adding Gigamon.

Cavium Networks Offers Network Management Tool

Cavium's TurboDPI optimized for OCTEON II processors.

Network Equipment Company Grows in 2010

Network Critical plans on increasing staff to meet demand.

SOTI Inc. Joins Leading Enterprise Access Network Company

Aruba Networks and SOTI partnership will enable advanced MDM.

Battle of the Bandwidth and Big Mac Attack Upcoming

SonicWall offers top five trends for 2011.

Citrix Endpoint Analysis Portal Launched

OPSWAT releases tools to Citrix Access Gateway customers.

Public Wi-fi a Hotspot For Hackers

Tips on safe use of public Wi-Fi.

Managed Network Services Provider Shares Upgraded to Buy

TW Telecom shares cross above its 200-day moving average.

Network Management Software Checks Endpoint Configuration

New Citrix Portal introduced to check desktop computers for the correct configuration.

Virtual Appliance Technology Used in The WAN Optimization

Optimizing utilization of the WAN can lower WAN connectivity bill.

Dell Acquires Network Security Firm

Dell hopes to slow SMB migration to the public cloud.

IPv6 Documents Released by FCC and NIST

US government showing increased interest in IPv6.

IT Brand Pulse and Ixia Develop Suite of Converged Network Tests

DCB testing standards for converged network switching equipment established.

Password Protected Networks a Draw for Customers

How to protect customers in a venue that provides free and open WiFi.

Ethernet Server Adapter Integrates with PCI-e Based Networking Servers

Interface Masters launches10GBASE-T Copper 10 GE server adapter.

OpenBSD IPSEC stack Audited For FBI Backdoors

Federal government agency accused of paying open source developers to inject surveillance-friendly holes in operating systems.

VPN-Cubed Overlay Network Uses IPsec Extranet Connectivity

VPN-Cubed 2.0 Datacenter Connect works with Amazon EC2, GoGrid, Terremark, and Flexiant’s Flexiscale.

HP Network University Launched in Bangalore

University in partnership with International Institute of Information Technology

Network Security With Next Gen Firewalls

Migrating from a traditional firewall to a NGFW is not trivial.

Networking Predictions For 2011

eG Innovations CEO predicts virtual, mobile and social endeavors will drive IT in 2011.

High-Speed Networks Management Eased With Simena

Simena offers network monitoring switches for smarter, healthier networks.

Pro-WikiLeaks Hackers Hunted by FBI

FBI in Europe, Canada and US hunting hackers.

Android Monitoring App Gives IT Managers Access

Monitis App offers up-to-the-minute reporting from Monitis’s market-leading suite of monitoring tools.

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