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CradlePoint Announces Mission-Critical Broadband Router

The MBR1400 broadband router combines CradlePoint's 4G/3G WiPipe technology with key networking features.

NuMobile to Deploy Cornerstone Network Security Policy Management

Company officials claim the European market is primed for the Cornerstone product.

Six Tips to Protect Against Advanced Evasion Techniques

Organizations can increase their level of protection against Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs).

InfoExpress Adds Hyper-V Support to NAC Products

The CyberGatekeeper Family of Network Access Control (NAC) products now supports Microsoft Windows Hyper-V

Netgear Launches UTM Gateway Security Appliance For SMBs

The ProSecure UTM150 is for for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) looking to deploy a gateway approach to network security.

The Next Network Revolution

Some of the biggest network operators and content providers have formed a group to set standards for software-defined networking.

Finding Holes in Enterprise Network Security

Despite plenty of security spending enterprises are still vulnerable.

NASA Computer Network Deemed Vulnerable

Reports suggest that NASA failed to act on earlier criticism.

WhiteGold Signs Network Protocol Agreement With BlueCat

WhiteGold can now move customers to the new internet protocol standard with the agreement.

Comodo Offers Preview of Endpoint Security Manager 2.0

Endpoint Security Manager 2.0 Business Edition has a new user interface and dashboard tools.

IPv4 Address Transfers Must Meet ARIN Policy

Questions asked as Microsoft plans to purchase a block of more than 666,000 IPv4 addresses.

Macquarie Announces Managed WAN Optimization Service

The managed WAN optimization Service (MWO) uses Riverbed technology.

MetaFlows Network Security Offers Botnet Detection Tool

BotHunter can scale to enterprise-level performance by load balancing flow analysis across multiple cores.

Network Instruments Announces GigaStor Network Analysis Appliance

New retrospective network analysis (RNA) device saves traffic to disk at full line rate on full-duplex 10 Gb links.

McAfee Ups database Security With Sentrigo Acquisition

The acquisition will enhance McAfee's database security portfolio.

Stop Malware With This Best Practice List

Symantec offers a checklist of best practices for stopping malware and other threats.

WAN Optimization in Cloud Computing Enviornments

Cloud computing pushes more data load on to the wide area infrastructure.

ForeScout Provides Real-Time Control Over Wireless Devices

CounterACT v. 6.3.4 adds mobile network security across Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices.

Google Experments With the OpenFlow Networking Standard

Google sees potential for the open networking standard to solve sticky problems in sophisticated data centers.

SmartShare Sytems Integrates With ConnectWise software

Integration offers WAN optimization and bandwidth management.

Cofio Combats IT Sprawl with AIMstor 2.3 Release

AIMstor unifies numerous data protection technologies into a solution for Windows and Linux environments.

ZuniDigital Expands Mobile Networking Connectivity

ZuniConnect Travel simplifies access for business and personal travel.

Blue Coat Helps Organizations Migrate to More Secure IE Browser

The ProxySG appliances can help organizations migrate users to Internet Explorer 9.

AirLive Announces 2T2R Wireless Router

The router is designed specifically for demanding users in the SOHO segment.

Amazon Offers Free Cloud Networking Tools

The networking tools make it easier to manage secure connections between data centers and Amazon cloud computing platforms.

Survey: Network Disruptions Challenges Confidence

Companies that suffered network disruption caused business impacts that exceeded expectations.

Expand WAN Optimization Supports Server Consolidation

Thompsons selects Expand to protect increased volume of sensitive Citrix traffic.

Silencing Rustock a Herculean Task

Largest ever take down of a cyber crime network.

Sprint CDMA Network Improved

Enhanced push-to-talk service launched.

Firewall Management Survey Results

Skybox survey reveals challenges.

Strategies Toward IPv6 Assimilation

Businesses should take time to consider their strategies.

Top IPv6 Concerns

The ramifications of IPv6 to security policy.

WAN Optimization Controllers Market Tips

Innovative vendors lead to choices for customers.

Anagran FR-1000 Reduces Network Capacity Cost

Internet Traffic Manager supports IPv6.

Aruba Reshapes Network Access

>Wired Ethernet switches handle Wi-Fi clients and wired clients.

Hurricane Electric Backbone Underpinned by Brocade

U.S. network industry is suddenly focused on IPv6.

WAN Optimization Provider Leads Market

Blue Coat tops global Content Security Gateway Appliance Market.

ISP Transparency in UK Benefits Customers

New voluntary code devised by Broadband Stakeholder Group.

ProQueSys Ships Low Traffic Network Tools

FlowTraq Lite limited to input flow rates that are less than 100 flows/second.

TZ Limited Brings Technology Home

Local data centers benefit from launch of IP-based control systems.

XO Network Security Solution Unveiled

Cloud-based solution delivered through the XO network.

Cloud-Based WAN Optimization

Aryaka Networks reports strong acceptance of its cloud-based solution.

EdgeWave Enhances iPrism Security with Botnet Blocklist

EdgeWave has embedded the ThreatSTOP Botnet Blocklist into its iPrism product.

Affordable Network Security

SMBs have open-source tools and free software to keep networks safe.

IPv6 Backwards is Better

Designers forgot to take into account real-world issues.

Network Migration Gateway Closes The Gap

Vantronix offers first multi-functional and high-secure solution to migrate to IPv6 networks.

FortinetSupports World IPv6 Day

FortiGuard Security Services launches over IPv6 on June 8, 2011.

HyperIP Free Through VAM

NetEx and VMware offer free annual subscription for the HyperIP virtual appliance software.

Network Engineers in Hot Demand

IPv6 heats up IT job market.

PathFinder Predictive Network Tool

Athena release arms firewall engineers with analysis.

Australia Network: Over 2M Served

Aussie internet milestone acknowledged by auDA.

Main One to Deploy Cisco's IP-NGN

Cisco solution offers 12 times the traffic capacity.

OpSource Bundles Networking With Cloud Servers

Businesses can reduce cost without compromising data security.

VoIP Might Be IPv6 Immune

Consumer routers may not have to switch.

CPE Suppliers Take Leading Role in IPv6 Migration

CPE vendors are building IPv6 capabilities into their equipment.

Protecting the Enterprise Perimeter

Tips on boosting enterprise security.

Verizon Advances 100G Technology With 100G Ethernet On IP Network

First to deploy standards-based 100G Ethernet link.

Coraid Rethinks SANs

AoE presents disk storage to servers across a standard Ethernet network.

Hybrid Power-Line Wireless Router Available

D-Link router combines a regular Wireless-N router with the 200Mbps HomePlug AV standard.

Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer Addresses Vulnerabilities

Wireshark 1.4.4 released with fixes.

Eliminating MFT Blind Spots

Five steps towards gaining granular visibility into an entire file transfer ecosystem.

Migrate to IPv6 in Stages To Keep It Manageable

Long-term network evolution requires careful planning.

Palo Alto Networks Launches a Trio of New Products

GlobalProtect keeps all devices connected to the network despite their locations.

Salient Federal Acquires Network IT Services Provider

Command Information Inc. and AnviCom acquisitions enhance Salient’s portfolio.

Cisco Enhances Network Security

Context-aware features added to SecureX framework.

Enterasys Networks Announces Cloud Wireless Solutions

Portfolio includes out-tasking and outsourcing key functions of the wireless network.

Network Vision to the Extreme

Extreme Networks addresses the increasing burden on IT.

Sprint Partnership Gives Wireless Customers Options

Ashwaubenon WI's public safety organization to benefit from business model.

CompTIA Offering Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP)

CTP+ Certification for convergence professionals available.

Continued Recovery For Enterprise Networking Market

Service provider router revenue accounted for 75.2 percent of the router market in Q410.

FortiGate-3140B Secures High-Speed Network Environments

Fortinet announces new data center security appliance.

Wireless White Flag: ZigBee and Wi-Fi Can Get Along

Smart grid industry standards need to be a collaborative industry effort.

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