Articles by Mark A. Miller 

Understanding H.323�Part II: Protocols Supporting Terminals

The key ITU-T protocol supporting voice over IP is H.323. A look at its terminal functionality (only one of four major areas) reveals no fewer than seven standards-based protocol components that work under this 'umbrella' protocol.

Understanding H.323�Part I: History and Architecture

Designed by the ITU-T to facilitate voice and other multimedia communications over packet-based networks, H.323 defines a system that encompasses several quite different types of components—and requires a host of additional protocols to make everything work.

Why TCP/IP Is not Sufficient for VoIP

With traditional telephone systems, once a 'path through the network' has been established to make a connection, it remains stable and predictable for the duration of the call. Not so for the Internet. So, what makes an 'unreliable' TCP/IP network able to carry voice traffic?

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