Articles by Mark A. Miller 

Do You Hear What I Hear?�Part I: Defining Quality of Service

Governmental regulation of a granted monopoly—the PSTN—made for an extremely reliable telephone network. Can VoIP deliver the same?

Understanding SIP�Part VI: Testing SIP Interoperability

Despite its status as a standard, some compatability problems exist for SIP. Fortunately for IT managers, a number of resources exist for testing a resolving these issues.

Understanding SIP�Part V: SIP Signaling

Signaling—setting up a call connection and the parameters around that connection—is much more straightforward with SIP than with the H.323 protocol family.

Understanding SIP�Part IV: Describing the SIP Session

In setting up a voice or video session, SIP transmits a detailed 'description' of the session using—you guessed it—a bevy of subsidiary protocols, such as SAP and SDP. Read all about it.

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