Articles by Mark A. Miller 

Softswitches�Part III: The Media Gateway Controller

Core of the Call Control and Signaling plane, the MGC is responsible for setting up and dismantling the end-to-end network connections necessary to support phone calls.

Softswitches�Part II: Functional planes of the softswitch architecture

To aid in standardizing the design of software switching equipment, the International Packet Communications Consortium has devised a schema that describes the entire complex functionality.

Softswitches�Part I: Getting there from here

The softswitch--in essence, a complex piece of software running on a computer--replaces generations of electro-mechanical equipment. It also brings its own idiosyncracies.

Voice Codecs: the tale of the Secret Decoder Ring

Codecs—which convert your voice's analog vibrations to digital signals—balance sound quality with bandwidth usage. Be sure to pick the right one(s).

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