Articles by Mark A. Miller 

Softswitches�Part VII: IP Multimedia Subsystem

At its heart, the much-anticipated IMS is little more than extended SIP functionality that lets VoIP operate over cellular networks.

Softswitches�Part VI: MEGACO/H.248 Protocol

MEGACO is functionally equivalent to the MGCP. Why create two protocols that do the same thing? This one works with more types of underlying transport.

Softswitches�Part V: Media Gateway Control Protocol

The Media Gateway Controller is in the logical portion of the softswitch architecture; the Media Gateway, the physical. Allowing the former to talk to the latter are two protocols; we'll examine one.

Softswitches�Part IV: Media Gateway architecture

Media gateways physically connect dissimilar networks by translating the protocols and data transmission parameters of each to the other. They do a few other things as well.

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