Articles by Mark A. Miller 

Vendor Network Architectures�Part VI: Verso Technologies

Verso's innovative Clarent line includes softswitch and management platform products for both enterprise and carrier markets.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part V: Sonus Networks, Inc.

Sonus is a young company whose IMS-based architecture supports voice and associated applications over a wide variety of wireless and wireline transmission technologies.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part IV: Lucent Technologies

This AT&T offspring has positioned its product line as an evolutionary migration for the service provider community, with single network support for analog, VoIP, and mobile end users.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part III: Nortel

Nortel's IP telephony product line contains offerings than manage VoIP and multimedia IP communications for a broad range of organizational scales.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part II: Marconi

Given its status as the oldest extant telecommunications entity (yes, really, that Marconi), it should come as no surprise that its products think BIG.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part I: Avaya

This scion of AT&T and Bell Labs, offers telephony software, media servers, and media gateways to meet the needs of fewer than 100 or more than 1,000,000 users.

Softswitches�Part VIII: IP Multimedia Subsystem functions

IMS functionality breaks down into three broad areas: call control, media processing, and gateways—each of which is further elaborated into sub-functions.

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