Articles by Mark A. Miller 

Vendor Network Architectures�Part XXVII: Zultys Technologies

This young company's open-standards-based products were designed from the ground up to support both voice and data.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part XXVI: Samsung

This vendor's infrastructure offerings target small to medium-size businesses and support both wireless and wireline communications.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part XXV: sentitO Networks

Designed from the ground up for VoIP, this young company's infrastructure can grow with the network as it expands.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part XXIV: CopperCom, Inc.

Designed to exploit the enormous 'niche' market of rural telecom providers, the CopperCom solution scales from 100 users to 200,000.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part XXIII: ShoreTel, Inc.

This young Silicon Valley company produces a line of VoIP infrastructure scaled to the enterprise, rather than the carrier—and they believe in customer service.

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