Articles by Mark A. Miller 

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 3: The IETF SPEERMINT Architecture

SPEERMINT peering functionality goes beyond simply connecting networks, to manage signaling, authentication, and security.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part LIII: PortaOne

This company's easy-to-manage multimedia communications systems are scaled to the needs of service providers.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 2: The IETF SPEERMINT Requirements

The Internet's premier engineering group has laid the groundwork for a unified approach to peering. Here's a first look.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part LII: Critical Links' edgeBOX

The edgeBOX does not stop with telephony but provides a full spectrum of vital networking functions.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 1: Concepts and Challenges

To fulfill its great promise to human communications, voice over IP must end its reliance on older telephone technologies.

Vendor Network Architectures Part LI: SysMaster Corporation

Evolved from a billing application, this company's products now support a full range of IP communications options.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part L: Seawolf Technologies, Inc.

This company built some switch technology to support its carrier business—and created a new business for itself.

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