Articles by Mark A. Miller 

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 13: Telcordia's Service Interconnection Registry

With its Bell System ancestry, Telcordia has large-scale telephony data management in its genes.

Looking under the Hood�Part I: Evaluating VoIP Switching Vendors

With dozens of equipment vendors to choose from, making a selection may appear daunting. We're here to help.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle - Part 12: Neustar's SIP-IX

Considering the company's long-time role in managing North American telephone numbers, moving to ENUM wasn't a big leap.

Vendor Network Architectures Part LXI: Aastra Technologies

This firm markets a broad range of ingenious telephony hardware and software, with a focus on the needs of smaller companies.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 11: VeriSign ENUM Data Access Service

Among the tens of billions of Internet communications transactions it process daily, a significant portion involves linking phone number registration data.

Vendor Network Architectures Part LX: Panasonic

One of the world's largest and most experienced suppliers of consumer and business electronics, Panasonic offers customers a rich array of telephony features.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 10: The SPIDER Registry

This arachnid is a worldwide registry of registries, designed to facilitate the exchange of interconnect data.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part LIX: Dialexia Communications

This company offers a profusion of IP/SIP-based phone and media communications systems for SMBs.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 9: NetNumber TITAN Services

Speedy, cost-effective number translation using a hub (master) and spoke (edge) server architecture.

Vendor Network Architectures�Part LVIII: Epygi

This Texas company has devoted itself to bringing sophisticated IP telephony services to SMBs.

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