Articles by Mark A. Miller 

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 18: PBX Trunking

Efficiently connecting PBXs and other phone network gateways is vital to the success of VoIP.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 16: Voice Peering Fabric ENUM Registry

This peering exchange provider presides over a distributed ENUM registry that lets its members terminate each other's calls directly.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 15: Digium's DUNDi

This open-source protocol has the distinction of being the only distributed interconnect solution.

Looking Under the Hood�Part III: Switching System Features, Management, and Support

VoIP system vendors tend to sell on features; you'd be well advised to look deeper.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 14: Nominum Navitas

Nominum harnesses some deep Internet name-management expertise in aid of global IP communications.

Looking Under the Hood�Part II: The Switching System in Context

Each company is like a unique human being, and its phone system must accommodate its personality.

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