Articles by Mark A. Miller 

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 35: SBC Architectures�Data Connection

From the makers of MetaSwitch—a world-class SBC that scales to the needs of tier one carriers.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle - Part 23: Session Border Controller Functions, #1

The operations over which an SBC presides are not defined by strict standards. Here's what you need to know.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 34: SBC Architectures�NexTone

This company's equipment is scaled to meet the needs of international service providers.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 33: SBC Architectures�Sonus

The company's Network Border Switch integrates security, session control, and media services at carrier scale and reliability levels.

IPv6: Assessing Transition Technologies

Enterprise networks live and die by the packet. For a smooth and orderly transition, IPv4 and IPv6 infrastructures need to be able to speak the same language.

The VoIP Peering Puzzle�Part 32: SBC Architectures�Paradial

This company's product line is designed to provide secure connections that navigate seamlessly around NAT-based firewalls.

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