Articles by Mark A. Miller 

Healthy VoIP Nets�Part LIII�Network Management Architectures: Anritsu

This venerable Japanese company provides highly portable field test equipment, in addition to more traditional monitoring tools.

VoIP Fits in With Mu's Broad New Focus

The Mu Analyzer is designed for a proactive 'network wellness' approach to security and performance monitoring.

Healthy VoIP Nets�Part LII�Network Management Architectures: Avaya

Avaya offers a complete management solution for its telephony systems—which also interoperates with some third party tools.

Test Your VoIP Network With diversifEye

Shenick Network Systems' diversifEye provides testing/monitoring software for the full range of IP-based multimedia, from voice to IPTV to video on demand.

Healthy VoIP Nets�Part LI�Network Management Architectures: SevOne

This management system, created by academic computer scientists, is touted by the company as outperforming the established giants—at much lower cost.

VoIP and Beyond with Alcatel-Lucent's VitalSuite

This company's VitalSuite monitors and manages all aspects of IP network operation and performance, including many specific measures of VoIP quality.

Healthy VoIP Nets�Part L�Network Management Architectures: Ipswitch

This seasoned developer of utilities for IP networks offers management tools—and VoIP-specific modules—for networks of all sizes.

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