Articles by Mark A. Miller 

Healthy VoIP Nets�Part LVI�Network Management Architectures: CA, Inc.

Software giant CA offers a comprehensive voice-oriented product, along with two more generalized network management systems.

Healthy VoIP Nets�Part LVI�Network Management Architectures: Mitel

Telecom giant Mitel offers monitoring solutions both for enterprise deployments, and for multiple remote customer networks.

Healthy VoIP Nets�Part LV�Network Management Architectures: Integrated Research PROGNOSIS

This comprehensive, big-deployment solution is architected around a central server plus remote agents.

Ipswitch Monitors Vital VoIP Metrics

This seasoned developer of utilities for IP networks offers management tools–and VoIP-specific modules–for networks of all sizes.

Healthy VoIP Nets�Part LIV�Network Management Architectures: Extreme Networks

Extreme's management tools are among the few that focus on security; they integrate with Avaya's management suite to cover performance issues.

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