Articles by Kenneth Corbin 

Lawmakers Grill FCC on Spectrum, Net Neutrality

Commissioners appear on the Hill for first congressional proceeding on national broadband plan, airing opposing views on competition and regulatory frameworks.

Broadband Plan Spoiling for a Fight Over Spectrum, USF

While the hulking broadband plan the FCC delivered to Congress this week contains many proposals that enjoy popular support, industry groups have staked out battle lines over the recommendations for spectrum and telecom subsidies.

FCC Broadband Plan Stresses Competition, Spectrum

Advance copy of broadband plan reveals focus on making Internet service market more competitive, while FCC sets ambitious agenda to boost wireless data networks.

FCC Plans Online Child Safety Push

Federal Communications Commission chairman outlines recommendations national broadband plan will make for improving digital literacy among school children and closing the digital divide.

Free Broadband Plan Could Be Back on the Table

As it moves toward the delivery of the national broadband plan, the Federal Communications Commission could be reviving a long-simmering proposal to deliver a nationwide, free broadband network.

FCC Attempts Move to More Transparency and More Independence

The FCC is beginning to rethink its role, up its transparency, and consider lessening the influence of outside experts (and lobbyists). Not everyone's convinced it can pull off the change.

Envisioning an FCC for the Internet Age

Commission officials talk up efforts to reform and modernize the commission, while critics sound off at the influence industry groups exert over one of the most heavily lobbied agencies in the government.

Lawmakers Spar Over Broadband Stimulus Grants

GOP members take aim at administration of broadband grants, warning against government subsidies for competition with incumbent providers and open access provisions.

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