Articles by Kenneth Corbin 

White House Commits to Spectrum for Mobile Broadband

Top White House economic advisor outlines administration's push for reallocating spectrum from government agencies and businesses for wireless data networks.

ICANN Approves Chinese-Language Domains, .XXX TLD

Internet naming organization touts move to expand accessibility of Web content to the world's largest online population, while also moving ahead with a controversial, adult-oriented domain.

ISPs Land Hard on FCC for Broadband Move

Reactions to FCC's plans to initiate broadband shift, if predictable, come with choice words.

FCC Begins Broadband Regulation Fight

On a straight party vote, the Federal Communications Commission votes to begin process of reclassifying broadband as a regulated telecommunications service as it looks to clarify its legal authority over the sector.

Wireless Spectrum Crunch Has Feds Scrambling

Amid mounting calls for freeing up more wireless spectrum for mobile broadband, agency that administers government airwaves has a tough task.

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