Articles by Kenneth Corbin 

Comcast-Level 3 Net Neutrality Dispute Escalates

The war of words is ramping up between the country's biggest cable operator and Internet backbone operator Level 3, with a fight over network exchange fees carrying major political overtones.

Verizon Pitches Rewrite of Telecom Law

Amid the confusion and uncertainty surrounding broadband law and policy, phone giant asks Congress to undertake a wholesale overhaul of the Communications Act.

Commerce Dept. Outlines Spectrum Overhaul Plans

National Telecommunications Information Administration issues twin reports detailing plans to free up 500 MHz of spectrum for mobile broadband networks.

Comcast Renews Calls for Net Neutrality Self-Regulation

Cable giant urges federal policy makers to move on to other issues, argues that new self-regulatory coalition will recast the issues in their proper technical terms.

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