Articles by Andy Patrizio 

Storm's Creators Face a Storm of Their Own

Law enforcement knows who created one of the worst worms to hit the Internet. The hard part is arresting them.

Florida ISP Said to Host Terrorist Software

Security researcher is disturbed to discover an ISP in his hometown appears to be hosting an encryption tool used by terrorists.

HP, Intel Give Old Stuff a New Shine

Companies talk up recycling of the old and going solid state with the new.

Security Firm: Only Five Percent of PCs Fully Patched

Secunia system checker shows total proportion of fully patched systems dropping.

Nugache Overhauled, Overtaking Storm Worm?

Nugache, a once-minor botnet, gets an extreme makeover and may be rivaling Storm in terms of size and scale of nuisance.

2008 Starts With Skimpy Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's monthly security update yields two updates, one critical.

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