Articles by Drew Bird 

NDS eDirectory: The Directory of Directories?

A discussion of the Novell Directory Services database system, and the part it plays in Novells Its one Net vision.

Basic Features of NDS and AD

The basics of Novell Directory Services and Active Directory: installation and design principles.

NTP: It's About Time

The Network Time Protocol is an inexpensive and platform-independent mechanism for maintaining time synchronization on your network.

Using Time Provider Groups in NetWare 5.x

Having the correct time on the servers means more than knowing when it's time to go home: It means the health and consistency of the data on the network.

The Portal Has Landed

The NetWare Management Portal utility in Novells NetWare 5.1 promises Web-based server management, but does it deliver? Drew Bird looks at NMP and finds out just how good a tool it is for NetWare 5.1 server management.

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