Articles by Drew Bird 

Upgrading for Upgrade's Sake

When is an upgrade not an upgrade? All too frequently, moving to the latest version of a software package can bring as many negative issues as positive. Drew Bird opines.

Dealers' Choice

Frequently the best way to buy products and technologies for your network is a la carte, but there can be major benefits by purchasing through a reseller. We take a look at the potential benefits and pitfalls of this option.

Shrink-Wrapped Security

Can using a packaged software solution really offer the protection that's available from a dedicated and specialized security provider, or does this kind of software literally lure us into a false sense of security?

Let's Get Physical; part 2

How's your physical security? Downtime is more often the result of people fooling around with equipment they oughtn't, maliciously or accidentally. Your security is only as good as the precautions you've taken to prepare your physical plant. In part 2 we look at server room placement within the phsical plant.

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