Articles by Drew Bird 

2001: The Year in Review

2001 was a year many folk in many strata would just as soon put behind us. However, there are certainly lessons to be learned, and the forecast is no longer quite so cloudy. Drew Bird summarizes the year's impact on our industry in this 2-part article.

Review: Novell NetWare 6, part 2

In this conclusion of our evaluation of NetWare 6, we look at the new features the Network Operating System has to offer, and issue some caveats. Is this the upgrade you're looking for? Find out...

Review: Novell NetWare 6

Is the new release of NetWare 6 a worthy upgrade for you, whether you're running a previous version or another Network Operating System? The Utah-based company has long labored to play catch up in the marketplace, even after their critical comeback over the last two years. Might this turn the tide? Part 1 of a 2-part article.

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