Articles by Drew Bird 

Smooth Out Win2k3 with These Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes it's the little things that count. Here are three stocking stuffers from Microsoft that can help you check in on your Win2k3 server's performance, track down bandwidth hogs, and comb through the logs looking for that elusive performance hit.

Battle Malware with Win2k3 Software Restriction Policies

Software Restriction Policies, Part Two: Last week we introduced you to the software restriction policies features in Windows Server 2003. This week we go in-depth to show you how to create your own SR policies to secure your systems against worms and malware.

For Win Wonks, Software Restriction is Good Policy

Software Restriction Policies, Part One: One way to head worms and trojan malware off at the pass is to keep them from running at all. With Win Server 2003 Software Restriction Policy management, you can do just that, flexibly, with no additional software, and with little change to your carefully tuned Active Directory configuration.

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