Manage Wireless Network with Netgear ProSafe

Netgear's new product, ProSafe Wireless, claims to help small-to medium-sized businesses deploy and manage a secure wireless network.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jan 15, 2010
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The family of Netgear ProSafe Wireless products are designed to help businesses manage their wireless network from one place. According to CBR the new suite products include 5-AP Wireless Management Software WMS105; 16-AP Wireless Management System WMS5316; and 20-AP Wireless Controller WC7520.

According to Netgear, the new WMS105 software designed for small businesses with five to 50 users includes automatic wireless access point discovery, comes with centralized configuration for up to five APs and supports existing Netgear access points including WNDAP350, WNDAP330, WNAP210, WG302v2, WG103, WN802Tv2 and WG602v4. It is expected to be available in May 2010, for $50.

The WMS5316 offers simple central wireless management for businesses and schools with 50 to 200 users and comes with the ability to manage five to 16 APs. Guest access enables restricted access to the network, ensuring protection of sensitive data. It comes with support for existing Netgear access points, including WNDAP350, WNDAP330, WNAP210, WG302v2, WG103, WN802Tv2, and WG602v4. It is expected to be available in March 2010, for $910, the company said.

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