3Com Data Center Switches get Green Certification

The H3C S12508 data center core switch and its H3C S5820X top-of-rack switch have received the Miercom Certified Green designation.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jan 27, 2010
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Two of 3Com Corporation's data center switches have been certified as "green". According to the company's news release, on MyHost News, the switches provide enterprise customers with up to 50 percent less energy than competitive solutions, and also helps to lower the cost of data center operations.

"The Miercom certification detailed several factors that provided 3Com’s H3C solutions with a distinct advantage over other products including: a modern design that leverages the latest full feature/low power ASIC technology, highly efficient modular I/O components and power supplies and a set of power saving features that can be configured through management.

"In addition, the report highlighted H3C’s Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology as another 3Com "green" innovation that further reduces energy consumption by helping customers to simplify and collapse network architectures into flatter, two tier network designs, requiring fewer discrete platforms and network layers, and further reducing power and cooling requirements."

Read the Full News Release at MyHost News

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